The Factory Party

The Factory Party


The Factory Party is a catchy, energetic, indie rock'n'roll band made up by a couple of guys who know how to make you dance and party on stage.


The Factory Party is a Houston based indie-rock band that started in August 2007. The band members include Charlie on guitar/lead vocals, Gabby on drums, Chris on bass, and Lance on guitar. They released their first self titled EP in 2008 where nearly 300 people showed up to their cd release party. They perform at many local venues in Houston and throughout Texas. They have participated in a number of festivals some of which include The Westheimer Block Party and radio station KTSW radio festival.
In just one year of being together, they already began opening for big acts such as The Cribs, Via Audio, Fluokids, Mixhell, and Little Joy. These young guys know how to give you a true rock and roll show from begining to end.

The Factory Party have also been featured in NYLON [mexico] in June 2009, Houston Modern Luxury in June 2008, and Envy Magazine in March 2008.


No Control

Written By: The Factory Party

I was just a young boy when you took my heart away.
Now I am much older and i drink my nights away.
Obsession mixed with passion, regrets I often hate.
All the things i've done, makes the man you see today.

And we'll scream while we cry baby.
And scream while we lie honey.

Fetch me down a cold one because i feel so ashame.
I just got a phone call and i could not hear a thing.
I'll make all of her word but I'll use a different theme.
Lets get on the dance floor come on let them hear us scream.

And we'll scream while we cry baby.
And scream while we lie honey.

-[last ending verse]-
Wont you take me back to the place i used to know.
I dont know why, I have no control.
I'll stay up stay up just to drink all fucking night.
Please dont say i word baby i dont want to fight.


February 2008: The Factory Party [EP]
October 2009: After Death There Is Nothing [EP]

Set List

The Factory Party's set usually runs for about 30 - 45 minutes. They play about 7 to 10 songs at their shows. They have done a cover by Joy Division-"Disorder" and "Ceremony" by New Order/Joy Division.