The Faculty/N-ferno

The Faculty/N-ferno

BandHip Hop

I have a unique style of music. My music group has a diverse sound because we are all from different places. We make music with energy to keep the crowd into it. We are very good performers also.


I am N-ferno, real name is Rashod. I started the Fakulty Team about 5 years ago. I've been rapping for about 9 years old. I started adding people that I grew up with rapping to my roster. Now we are a diverse group of rappers. We have rappers from the Mid west, the east coast, and the dirty south. Our wole sound of music is different from any body else in the rap game because we all have different rap styles. We are really good live performers. We like to get the crowd hype and into the performance. With my beats you have no choice but to get hype.


I just finished my solo album Who da Hottest. The album Is produced by me. Its doing well underground. My singles Jump Stupid is now playing on the radio stations in Georgia. My next single is Night Time, that will be on radio stations soon. Me (N-ferno) and K.I. are working on an album right now.

Set List

Bang and Move 4:20
Jump Stupid 3:32
Foot Work 3:45
Night Time 5:00