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I'd heard a lot about The Faded - the rumors that they were tearing up the strip and that I had to see them play live. Usually, I dismiss such hype as bands rarely deserve it. After having had the opportunity to see The Faded this past week at Glamageddon, I can honestly say that the rumors do not do them justice.

Following the Peppermint Creeps is not an easy spot to fill. A late night spot after a headliner can be brutal. However, when The Faded took the stage, there was no question that they staked their claim to the audience as they set off multiple confetti cannons, filling the air first with thousands of shreds of paper and then, moments later, with the shredding guitar tones of their first song. They got my attention, but more importantly, they earned my respect. One song after another, tightly played and enthusiastically presented, made the lateness of the hour seem irrelevant. It really was that good.

Frontman, Gene Blalock, known for his bright pink hairstyle, took stage and took over. Gene's androgenous punk / glam look is balanced by an unusually childlike and intrepid voice which captivated the audience with a delightful change from the norm. An exceptional front man, Gene unquestionably seduced the crowd. Darting into the crowd, beckoning front row hands, dashing to switch guitars, grabbing t-shirts to throw to the audience, all the while singing away, Gene was no doubt in his element. The audience was glad to join him.

Lead Guitarist, Steven Damien, provided just the right mix of soaring guitar sounds and strong melodies to support Gene's vocals - an excellent musician, Steven projects a confidence in his playing that similarly invites the audience and the rest of the band to join and enjoy the music - which they did. Together with Keyboadist, Bryan J., who added just the right touches of retro analog sounds, The Faded delivered on the promise of their title of "Best Alternative Band - 2005," recently awarded by RCN. Their confidence and warmth, along with strong music and thoughtful lyrics drew everyone in for a great time.

Building energy throughout the set, The Faded waited until just the right moment at the end to throw in a crowd-pleaser. Eager fans rushed to the stage to sing along with the band's version of Billy Idol's, "Rebel Yell." After having the crowd join him in singing the final chorus, Gene left the stage, allowing his bandmates to finish the set in classic rock and roll fashion. Having seen them once, I'm sure to be back. The Faded have a well deserved reputation as one of the best live bands around. Sometimes the hype is true.

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Alt rock doesn't get much better than The Faded. - Pop Music Critic


The Faded, unlike the name may suggest, creates cinematic rock filled music with space age glitter rock - complete with some of the most notable hooks that you will find in today's music. Alterative music has become just fashion; another branch of pop that allows shallow preteens to pretend they're 'different.' The Revolution died with John Lennon, but with the release of "Sparkle, Shimmer Fade" this is a band whose very sound threatens to tear the music world apart at its seams.

Add to this the group's keen sense of melody, fondness of 80s pop, the urgency of now, and importance of love and loss, you have at least a sense of what they are all about. But these things just scratch the surface. The real significance of The Faded is not in the things they write about, but in the effects that their actions have on their rabid, mostly teenage following.

Just as the Beatles had thirty years before, The Faded, inspires a wave of fans seeking truer liberation than anything marching in a demonstration had ever offered their parent's generation. The embrace at solid, pop driven rock and roll is the ultimate indictment of boredom, an undeniable statement that girls and boys can do anything, there is life after heartbreak, and the revolution will only come if we make it happen. And no one could make this pending revolution more immediate and real than The Faded with the release of their newest studio album. The lyrics and music, full of emotion and movement, is itself a condemnation of mediocrity and a revelation of the possibilities of complete liberation.

Like with each release from The Faded, "Sparkle Shimmer Fade" shows great maturity and growth, making this the stand out recording of their career. Their music inspires and causes though with its passionate embrace at music's ability to change, to empower and inspire. This band is certainly on it’s way to great things. - RANDY LEWIS


The faded represents the future of popular music - show, sparkle, style, passion, energy, entertainment, and above all, great song writing with unforgettable hooks with meaningful lyrics. The band brings together all elements to form a new era in musical history that is sure to change the face of pop culture. - SC


Great pieces of grandiose glitter rock candy. Painted up very prettily, of course.

These songs shimmer and throb. Takes me back to the late 80s. Which, I figure, is somewhat the intent, but The Faded have arranged and played them so well that they impress me nonetheless.

Few bands are able to play this kinda stuff without sounding overly morose or chipper. These songs ride the line very well. Knocked me out, I must say. - AA


When I was listening to The Faded, the first thing that came into my head was J-POP (Japanese Pop). Keep in mind that this is not a bad thing.

The only way I can classify them is maybe glitter rock, however this is far from what they actually are.

They combine an array of components to create a harmonic sound that when combined is indeed different from all others. I soon found myself loving their music because there is something about it that kind of sooths the mind.

The bass, vocals, keyboard, and guitar are all something \ far from ordinary; definitely something that is nice and eye opening that can bring you to a state of euphoria. The drums are intricate beats perfect to help aid the music to completion.

If you are looking for something new and unique, give this a listen to.


Big hooks and captivating melodies flourish on the sophomore release from synth pop / punk whiz kids, The Faded. While comparisons to nerd-rock dandies Weezer and new comers The All-American Rejects are inevitable for this fabulously named band, discerning listeners will note that above all things, this band achieves complete what few other bands can, compete originality.

Though barely old enough to legally buy an alcoholic drink in the year 2003, The Faded are capable songwriters, accomplished vocalists, and skilled instrumentalists. Guitar-driven and underpinned with a driving drum machine pounding out underlying backbeats, each cut on this album brims with harmonies that recall the early Who and classic Radiohead. Bolstered by the impetuous bar band bravado akin to the Replacements, Goo Goo Dolls, and Fastball in all their ragged glory, The Faded passionately render songs about girls, love, self-doubt, and youthful abandon. These four boys prove that loud guitars and a broken heart make great rock & roll! These songs marry punk, pop and 80’s charm with a clear sense of purpose and no particular loyalty to any style, taking only the best of each and arriving at a spiky, effervescent middle ground.

Singer Gene Blalock is especially convincing in his role as unfortunate lover. But on tracks like the well-developed "Ashes" and the highly orchestrated "Forget About The Stars," Blalock's comrades drive the whole shebang home with instrumental freight. And you'd have to be pretty hard-hearted not to find yourself echoing the sing-singy strains of "She Loves You" and "Scanning For Pink." Fans of paradoxical pop - Box Car Racer, Fountains of Wayne, and their breed should take note. A talented band destined for great things, The Faded are primed to be embraced by the masses as leaders of the new music revolution. - RYAN STEPHENSON


COMPLETELY UNIQUE - "2 Beautiful" is absolutely incredible! I am almost at loss of words for this review. Lets get down to business!

Technical Skill: Need I say more; from a technical point of view this is a perfect 10. A lot of time was spent crafting the final mix for this beautiful piece. It is very apparent that this track was finalized in a studio, giving that professional edge.

Structure: I was very pleased with the structuring of the song. All instruments blended beautifully with each other. The ‘structuring’ of a song is a key player in the initial sound – The Faded accomplished this with "2 Beautiful".

Lyrics: Lyrics are just "2 Beautiful" - good job! The Faded clock in with a perfect 10. Gene's (lead vocalist) singing style is reminiscent of the 80's - a definite plus in my book! Let's be realistic here, it is hard to find a good vocalist with that quality.

The Final Judgment: Is it worth taking the time to listen to The Faded? I would have to smack you around a bit if you thought otherwise - yes, this track warrants many listens. Don't even stop to just listen - buy the album! The Faded will be playing live at the Metro in Chicago, I just might have to stop in and meet these fine musicians. - JUSTIN WAGGONER


Not apologizing for their quirky disc packaging, The Faded quickly launch into their new single "Sleeping Stars" with the catchy ‘2 Beautiful’ and ‘Killing Romeo and Juliet’ before stopping to catch their breath with the emotionally powerful ‘Words Never Spoken’. With a sound that reminds the listener of The Smiths and Radiohead with a bit of Suede thrown in for good measure, this band is going somewhere fast.


THE FADED are finally bringing the fun back to rock music. Not only do they present themselves amazingly well, but they also have the talent to back it up.

The band’s newest release, "Sparkle Shimmer Fade", proves once and for all that rock is NOT dead. It would appear that the boys of The Faded have revived the "glam-rock" music that we have all been waiting for. With synthesizers and melodic drumbeats, this band is going to start a rock revolution.

Reminiscent of the sounds of 80's new wave, mixed with modern rock, this is definitely something that no one has heard before. The band’s sound is 100% original and it’s about time that a band did something new and this exciting. I am quite sick of hearing band after band whine about having money, fame, and everything they could desire in this world. For once there is a band that is actually singing about subjects that we all care about. From the opening track "Ashes", through the closing anthem "Scanning for Pink," this CD is nothing but pure musical genus. Six songs that blow away any crap that I have heard released lately.

It’s about time a band took things into their own hands and decided to give the music industry a good, swift kick in the ass. As The Faded would say "We want a revolution and we want it right now." Well by God, I think they are going to get it!


Three Lost Days


Feeling a bit camera shy


"This band has the right demographic to move forward into the big time. The band plays well and has hot licks to go with great vocal treatments. Listen world - the dreams of this band are going to come true. If you're a true believer in the future of good rock music, then this is the band to hang your dreams on."
- Robert Metzgar
Legends Hall Of Fame Producer
Universal Music


The Faded combines great melodies and lyrics, with rich instrumentation, to put on spectacular shows. Their music blends 70's glam rock, mid-80s new wave, early 90's alternative, and the edginess of today's music to create a new and very memorable, yet completely original sound.


Setting itself apart from the crowd, the band has used unique CD packaging, at-show give-aways, and professionally designed and printed fliers and posters to coax people to their shows. Once there, they treat audience members to coordinated and synchronized video projection, and extensive lighting and effects to make even small shows sensational.


Musically, the band pursues excellence in both personal musicianship and sonic mastery. Each member has strong skills and the desire to create something larger. Together, they craft music that at once defies and exceeds expectations ... and the crowds love it.

P R O M O T I O N / S T R E E T T E A M

Besides maintaining an active email subscription newsletter with monthly and more frequent issues, the band has established a street-team network of loyal fans who enthusiastically promote the band's upcoming shows. The band encourages this through their online message boards where the fans share their love of the music - they've even begun fan clubs for some band members.