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Article written by: judith
August 15, 2007, 11:15 pm
Round Table with The Fadeout
July 8th 2007 Beloeil

This is a transcript of my interview with 3 members of The Fadeout, Fred on the drums, Steeve on the bass and Phil on guitar and vocals. Enjoy!
CONFRONT: Hello gentlemen.
CONFRONT: OK so let me start by explaining to you who we are. The name of our magazine is Confront Magazine; we are a new online magazine with a very specific purpose. Our motto is Dare, Defy, Provoke. Actually it is Dare to Listen, Defy Stereotype and Provoke Change. Basically what we want to be doing is we want to make sure we allow the mainstream to evolve and we want to be one step forward and make sure our readers are aware of all the music styles that are out there.
CONFRONT: So talking about mainstream, what would be your definition of mainstream today?
FRED: Well, mainstream, I don’t know I guess for me, it’s the four or five songs that play on the radio all the time, most of the time it’s not necessarily good music but you know, the more people listen to it, hear it on the radio, it gets stuck in their heads and then the public wants more you know…
PHIL: Well there is a song structure that is kind of standard in popular music to start with so… There is also a general sound that comes back in most of the popular music styles, it sounds pretty much all the same…the basis of it all, you know… I don’t know if you understand what I mean?
CONFRONT: Yeah for sure I understand.
PHIL: When it comes to the recording, the sound compression…
STEEVE: Yeah that’s true.
PHIL: Everything is like made for radio format.
FRED: It’s also, all the same producers these days
STEEVE: It’s all the same mold. I’d say the larger public span you can reach, the more mainstream you can be and become. If you’re able to reach the 40 years old woman who wants to pump up the volume in her old convertible, but at the same time reach her teenager…I think that…
CONFRONT: You’ve reached mainstream.
STEEVE: Yeah, exactly, I think that’s it for me. That’s being mainstream.
PHIL: Would you want to reach mainstream??
STEEVE: Well it depends…
CONFRONT: Yeah I guess it depends…
PHIL: I’m just asking this for fun…
STEEVE: Well, I guess as long as you still have your credibility, reaching the mainstream but selling your soul to the devil (laughing) not really…
CONFRONT: Yeah, I can understand that’s for sure.

STEEVE: To me the biggest range of public you can get but keep your credibility, that’s when you’ve reached the “good” mainstream.
CONFRONT: Thanks guys, very good answer. OK so let’s keep on going with our CONFRONT questions…first and last CD bought?
FRED: Smashing Pumpkins, their double album.
PHIL: I’m debating between which one was first… I think I bought two at the same time.
CONFRONT: Well that’s all good.
PHIL: Smashing Pumpkins and Offspring ‘Americana’. Two very good CD’s.
STEEVE: Me it was Bon Jovi ‘Keep The Faith’ (everyone laughing) and the two most recent ones are the new Brand New album and the new Twilight Singers…great CD’s.
CONFRONT: I agree.
PHIL: The last two CD’s I bought were: Smashing Pumpkins and Offspring ‘Americana’. (laughing) No for real, I don’t remember the last one I bought, but I can tell you that the new one I want to buy is the new Cold War Kids CD.
FRED: I got the new Interpol CD.
CONFRONT: Cool all very good music. Nice ok and what would be your first and last concert attended as a fan?
FRED: Most recent one, The Killers and the first one, probably Primus or Bad Religion.
PHIL: The last one was System of a Down.
STEEVE: The first concert I ever saw was Pink Floyd.
PHIL: To be frank with you I don’t remember the first concert I saw so…
CONFRONT: It’s all good we’ll get back to it later.
PHIL: Cool thanks.
CONFRONT: No problems… So now what would be your guilty pleasure musically?
STEEVE: Wow, that’s a good one.
FRED: Well there aren't a lot of things I’m ashamed to listen to but maybe like a Dave Chappelle monologue I listen to alone in my car…
CONFRONT: Cool I like that answer.
STEEVE: I guess I agree.
PHIL: Honestly, I feel like the cheesier the song, the louder I play it. I love listening to some loud Queen and sing out the top of my lungs…
CONFRONT: Cool, ok so now what made you guys want to be in a band…play music, what was it?
PHIL: Honestly, well first I have a very musical family but I have to admit that it’s when I was younger I saw a Budweiser ad and the guy was playing a big red guitar…and I said to myself… I want to be a rockstar…and I still have my red guitar.
FRED: Well I guess… watching TV, Musique Plus, seeing the bands play and listening to their music made me want to play.
STEEVE: I have to say it’s when I saw Green Day play in the mud at Woodstock in 1994. I went crazy…I wanted to be on a stage. That and when I went to see Bad Religion live a - Confront Magazine


"A place we call home" EP 2007

"Greatest time to be" has aired on an internet radio (Radio propagande)

Some of our songs have aired on 88.3 WLFC / Ohio.
Some of our songs are featured on two snowboard movies and on a amateur movie called "Bend and Break".



Active since 2006 the band offers a mix of 90's alternative and modern rock played with the special touch of Montreal indie music. They have many influences and many of them would surprise you. The fadeout's music is a powerful, optimistic and melancholic rock filled with strong melodies, a unique instrumentation and an incredible "on-stage" attitude. The members are from Montreal and Chicago and they're always trying to mix their own cultural background in order to create the perfect music.