The Fading Room

The Fading Room

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John Mayer meets Jason Mraz releasing a CD out of Los Angeles and playin local beach clubs on their native Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Acoustic guitar and keyboards married with brotherly harmonies.


Sounding like a double dose of John Mayer with a reggae twist, The Fading Room, is a 17 year-old twin brother duo blessed with photogenic looks and a surprisingly infectious sense of melody.

The twin brothers Josh and Zach Carter exhibited a passion for performing music and started writing their own songs four years ago. Born in Hudson, Ohio, the Carter twins recently moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina where their parents hoped they could have a better chance of success with school and their music in a smaller market. Zach and Josh have been busy writing songs, recording, and performing at several island venues.

Zach distinguishes himself from his brother with his shaggy blond hair and keyboard playing while Josh keeps his hair cropped short and prefers the guitar. Yet, there is a special quality that comes with brothers singing together. Their voices harmonize effortlessly - a real synergy of forces.

The Fading Room also arrives with hip credentials.
The twins have collaborated with award-winning Los Angeles based producer Jamie Houston, who has written and produced music for accomplished artists such as Santana, Macy Gray, and Jessica Simpson. His hit “Breaking Free” from “High School Musical” became the largest air play song in Disney’s history. The boys have also written three songs with hit songwriter Mentor Williams, author of the Dobie Gray classic, "Drift Away." Both Houston and Williams were involved in the creation of a five-song acoustic pop CD that is set for release this summer.

“Very seldom do you come across such talent at such a young age. Their vocals are so emotional. The songs sound current, yet timeless,” Houston said.

Three of the new songs can be heard on the boy’s myspace at www.myspace/joshandzachmusic. The full five song CD will be available for purchase at CD’s will be priced at $5.00 each.

The Fading Room will be performing at Coligny Plaza and other Hilton Head and Bluffton Venues throughout the summer. There will be a CD release party this summer in Hilton Head. Please check website for current updates and events scheduled in the near future.

The Fading Room also recently secured agents in charge of the college tour circuit and will be showcasing their new songs on tour in the Southeast region of the U.S.


"I Saved Something", "Mercy For A Fool", "Allowed To Be", "Crash", "Mystical Ambition", "One Heart", "National Prayer", "I Found You"

Set List

Originals: "I Saved Something", "Mercy For A Fool", "Allowed To Be", "Crash", "Live This Down"