The Fag Machine

The Fag Machine


If Edgar Allan Poe ever formed a band..............


The Fag Machine formed in Wrexham, North Wales in 2008 - The product of five people with a love of loud, challenging, raw-nerve music and the darkest sense of humour. Imagine Lou Reed had never started the Velvet Underground, imagine instead that he had been assigned with the task of providing the soundtrack to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and then you might be close to what The Fag Machine are capable of mustering.

With a reputation built on their live performances, drawing comparisons to Joy Division, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Stooges, within a year their debut EP ‘New Ways To Walk’ was released and described by BBC Wales’ Adam Walton as “invoking the primal spirit of rock ‘n’ roll without just echoing it”.

After a tightly-packed run of performances they quickly developed a solid hometown following and released their second self-produced EP ‘The Safety Word’ in April 2010. This led to national music magazine ‘The Fly’ hailing The Fag Machine as “easily one of the best and most original of the current crop of Welsh Guitar Bands”.

Valentine’s Day 2011 saw the release of ‘In Yr Skin’ the first of two free download-only singles. The second single, ‘Interrogation Song’ is to follow soon.

They are in the process of making their third record to be released in 2012


New Ways to Walk EP (2009)
The Safety Word EP (2010)
In Yr Skin [Single] (2011)
Interrogation [Single] (2011)