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The Failure

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Punk Planet Featured Review"

On …Of Reason, rock quartet The Failure explodes with a hardcore punk sound that is considerably more melodic and meaningful than simply muscled. But there’s still a manly mania below the double, driving guitar, creating a back-and-forth that is playful and potent. The nasal singing and continual harmonies and back-ups offer a youthful exuberance, as they play for a specific kind of teenage outcast. “I’m the loser, I’m the social reject/ I’m the nerd, the geek/ the freak who lives all alone” goes the densely weighty “Pep Rally”. …Of Reason is furious, fearless, passionate and political, all without sounding contrived and obvious. They retain their musical wits throughout, with sharp guitars and tuneful melodies: There’s no kind of failure here.

-Ben Friedland
- Punk Planet

"Punk International Review"

Color me impressed. Another band from Alberta has emerged to genuinely humble me with their unique take on the usual punk, emo, and hardcore techniques. It's obvious from the moment the album's "Preface" kicks off that the Failure isn't just another band mixing melodies, emotions, and riffs. This band plays like they're on a permanent adrenaline rush. Just like fellow Albertans Belvedere, The Failure play fast-forward punk rock with a side of hardcore. They're as technically sound as their comrades from Alberta, Choke. And they have an emotionally gutwrenching post-hardcore approach, balanced with bizarrely catchy hooks, much the same as Drive By Punch.
"...Of Reason" is a supersized sixteen-track recording, and it's fully capable to holding a listener's interest all the way. Different degrees of all the pop, hardcore, and other elements fused together in this four-piece band are at center stage at different times. Certain songs, like my favorite, "Cumulo Nimbus", dazzle with their edge-of-your seat rhythms and transitions, while others like "Pep Rally" show off their guitar wizardry.
- Punk International

"Music Emissions Review"

The Failure is a fairly youthful punk band from Calgary that is on their second full-length album already. I missed out on their first album but if …Of Reason is any sign, it might be worth tracking down. The Failure plays a more intelligent style of punk that you normally hear. Harmonies are prevalent in their music and while at times I'm reminded of old Calgary stalwarts Field Day, I also hear the forward thinking of bands like 311. Their music is socially conscience without shoving any ideals at the listener. The band is dynamic showing that they can handle pretty much any style. Listen to "Pep Rally" for a perfect showcase of true singing in punk music. Not something that you normally hear this day and age. …Of Reason is a great album and I look forward to hearing more from this quartet… - Music Emissions

"Exoduster Review"

One the first real track of ...Of Reason, "Greymoment/Enjoy It While It's Over," you are thinking a more punk version of Coheed and Cambria (or AFI for that matter) as the vocals rumble a cadence similar to the prog-rock of Rush or Queen, the bass drum starts it off and the guitars mute away. Though as the rest of the sixteen tracks demonstrate, the Failure from Calgary have a varying menu to offer to the listener. This is the sophomore record for this four-piece after two of the members, Colin Hess and Casey Lewis spent a decade in the Everymen. Gaining notice in the area and touring with Canada's most recent favorite punk band Flashlight Brown, the Failure have made a name for themselves and are apt to do some serious damage from this record. Though the Failure lack an overly coercive characterization, this seems to add significantly to their product as they are free to strum the spectrum of punk and indie. At times, the Failure present the element of indie-punk that was such uniquely demonstrated by Blankface of Chapel Hill - and that is a very, very good thing. To some extent, then, the opening track, as good as it is, might mischaracterize the band to the quick, casual listener. Other tracks to enjoy include "Cumulo Nimbus" for the powerful and awesome guitars and the gut-wrenching vocals kin to Braid. With an extended quote from Pump Up the Volume and a very ‘high-school' opening "Pep Rally" is brilliant when it kicks in full throttle. Echoing guitars open up the solid "Buttersidedown" and "Absolution" follows a similar path. This is a CD that came out of nowhere for us, but it is something that we really enjoyed - very admittedly unexpectedly. Hopefully, the Failure will venture out of the heartland of Canada and come across the border to add their hat to the U.S. punk legions. - Exoduster

"Voice of Reason Review"

The Failure can be described as an Indie Punk outfit that is truly trying to come up with something original and not just copying other bands. The riffing is reminding me (of) the almighty Thrice but it's nevertheless not sounding like Thrice. Strange, but I guess you can't come up with an accurate description how the Failure sounds like. So why not check them out for yourselves? Stop reading and start listening!

- Voice of Reason (Belgian) Fanzine


2003 - The Failure "...of Reason"
2002 - The Failure
2002 - For You From the Underground Vol.1

Various singles available to stream online. Songs and albums available through Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, CD Baby,, Interpunk, and many more.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“My mom hates our band’s name,” explains guitarist Dean Rudd of The Failure.
It seems only fair for a rock band to face that kind of resistance, especially when The Failure’s beginnings have been so successful. Somebody’s got to keep these boys in line.

Led by water-tight beats, nimble melodic bass lines, an assault of dynamic guitars, and chameleonic vocals, The Failure’s sound is one part aggro-pop, one part punk, and one part grade six science experiment. One might liken the group to a progressive post-punk act influenced by Queen or Rush.

After crowning the the local radio’s top twenty, headlining to local crowds of over 600, opening the Vans Warped tour date at home, showcasing at Canadian Music Week, being invited to showcase at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and touring western Canada twice, The Failure is poised to launch their sophomore album: …Of Reason. The album’s opening track, Greymoment, has been shot for a video that will be released in September 2004 to kick off the band's 2005 promotional campaign.

Considering the prolific nature of this band’s work within the last two years and the live performance they’ve grown to present, one might do well to keep their ears and eyes open for The Failure’s next resolve.


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