The Failure

The Failure

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

A progressive nerd punk band that blends the rocky pop sensibility of alt-punk bands such as Bad Religion and the Foo Fighters with the prog-rock detail and grandeur of groups like Rush and Queen.


“My mom hates our band’s name,” explains guitarist Dean Rudd of The Failure.
It seems only fair for a rock band to face that kind of resistance, especially when The Failure’s beginnings have been so successful. Somebody’s got to keep these boys in line.

Led by water-tight beats, nimble melodic bass lines, an assault of dynamic guitars, and chameleonic vocals, The Failure’s sound is one part aggro-pop, one part punk, and one part grade six science experiment. One might liken the group to a progressive post-punk act influenced by Queen or Rush.

After crowning the the local radio’s top twenty, headlining to local crowds of over 600, opening the Vans Warped tour date at home, showcasing at Canadian Music Week, being invited to showcase at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and touring western Canada twice, The Failure is poised to launch their sophomore album: …Of Reason. The album’s opening track, Greymoment, has been shot for a video that will be released in September 2004 to kick off the band's 2005 promotional campaign.

Considering the prolific nature of this band’s work within the last two years and the live performance they’ve grown to present, one might do well to keep their ears and eyes open for The Failure’s next resolve.



D Flat

Written By: D. Rudd

For those that have a problem with pretending the troubles in this world are not our own: the world doesn't owe you happy endings, but I want you to know you're not alone.

Thoughts: ablaze.

Dealing with the truth is often too hard. I guess I could relate if you were lost. I wonder if we'll let it take us this far? I wonder if we can afford the cost?

We've all been there, hearts full of ache, when your eyes echo their disdain. We've all been there:

"D Flat" = Dispair.

For those that have a problem with pretending that everything is going to be okay: this feeling doesn't have to be your ending. You can always fight for better days. Your thoughts, ablaze, will burn if fuelled by hate. These darkened days burn out and blow away. The sorrow fades. When laughter will not medicate. When shallow hearts are all you see.

Greymoment / Enjoy it While it's Over

Written By: C. Lewis

I've heard that time is a fire in which we burn and every second's a spark in the darkness, but time can get old when the furnace is cold and every tick of the clock is your enemy. You get home from work and turn on the t.v. Next thing you know, it's quarter to three. See, the burden of time is no longer your burden to bare, but do you care? It's the time when we feel that distraction emulates the focus we lack. It's the time that we kill without thinking that we'll never get it back. I think of achievements that history bore witness to; all of the times we explored every something new. Every day that somone woke up and tried to make some kind of difference. A fast food culture with empty art and without grace. Disillusioned children grow up into an empty space where profit and loss rob us all of our will to create... and we stagnate. It's the time that we turn to rekindle the fires inside that no longer burn. It's the time that we find find when every moment wasted brings us closer to dying - this grey moment's mine. This is the new renaissance. This is my own renaissance.


Written By: Tyler Pickering

Three weeks out of twenty-three years: You know I'll never escape those memories, I'll create this fantasy, getting me nowhere. So elusive you'll enter my thoughts, triggered by nothing. Then one of those songs, a scent, or soft touch is like daggers through my heart. Those three weeks like years in April are etched in my mind. I just hope this barricade holds and this rust builds character. If I could go back I'd forget nothing, remember everything, like my dreams - whatever they mean. Every detail will be clear but unreal.


2003 - The Failure "...of Reason"
2002 - The Failure
2002 - For You From the Underground Vol.1

Various singles available to stream online. Songs and albums available through Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster, CD Baby,, Interpunk, and many more.

Set List

Sets usually range from 1/2 hour to an hour and feature eight to twelve of the following original songs by The Failure:

Damn that River
The Revelationship
Cloudy Years
Greymoment / Enjoy it While it's Over
The Addiction
Cumulo Nimbus
Director of Misinformation
D Flat
Pep Rally
Butterside Down
or Forever Hold Your Piece
As If
Vandal Me