The Fairchilds

The Fairchilds

 Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

The Fairchilds is the brainchild of Cyril Niccolai who quit medical school and moved to the USA to live his dream. The debut album was produced by the legendary Jim Lowe who has worked with Stereophonics, Charlatans and Foo Fighters. The first single Unbreakable is building a story at HOT AC radio.


Cyril Niccolai could be termed a modern Renaissance man. An accomplished singer and songwriter, he has spent over a decade honing his skills in his chosen field of rock music. Contemporaneously, he studied medicine and law in university, engages in a variety of sports including tennis, golf and scuba diving, dabbles in still and video photography, has a keen interest in literature and art and is a self-confessed tech geek. The globe trotting foodie next aspires to run the New York City marathon, learn more foreign languages and keep challenging himself with new projects.

But for now, his focus is on The Fairchilds. As frontman, he helms the band with a lethal combination of commanding stage presence, solid vocals and confident guitar fretting. Our Revolution, the debut album from The Fairchilds, offers an insight into all these qualities with tracks ranging from sing-along rock songs to hauntingly seductive ballads.

The first single, “Unbreakable”, is a poignant commentary on the pursuit of one’s dreams against the odds. Flashback to the Christmas before he recorded the album – Niccolai was at his family home in the Cote d’Azur with the album weighing heavily on his mind. “I was due to start recording in April and while I had enough songs for the album, I still felt something was lacking,” he recalls. Time was fast running out as he was committed to perform in a musical for the next three months. The ticking clock, the desire to put together a solid album that would form a comprehensive showcase of his musical style, the fear of letting down those involved in the project and the constant need to project an aura of confidence provided the creative impetus for “Unbreakable”. “The song came very quickly and it captured the emotions perfectly. I remember that Jim Lowe [the producer of the album] loved the song right away and told me we had something special. It is a dedication to everyone who is going through a tough phase and the message is ‘Hang in there, don’t lose hope’. It’s a very intense song when played live, but always creates such a wonderful feeling.”

The easygoing confidence which Niccolai exudes belies the turmoil of the emotions within him. “The truth about confidence is that it is a mask for fear. I know that’s true because I feel it every time I go onstage or think about how this album that I’ve put my soul into will be received. But fear can make positive things happen. Fear of failure can make you work harder. Fear of being hurt or injured can make you find the strength to fight injustice, or to speak your mind. These are things I explore, personally and musically.”

This perpetual need to challenge himself is deep-rooted. The son of successful doctors, Niccolai traded the stability and predictability of a career in medicine for the bohemian lifestyle of a singer and songwriter. Unbeknownst to his parents, he auditioned for the role of the poet Gringoire in the smash French musical Notre Dame de Paris. Notwithstanding his lack of experience, he landed the role and summoned the courage to tell his parents of his career change. The news was not well received but his performance at the premiere left them no doubts about his potential in his new career.

In a perfect world, Niccolai would have launched straight into the world of rock music but as a young singer starting out in France, musicals gave him the opportunity to polish and refine his skills through regular performances before large audiences. It also paid the bills and allowed him to embark on a self-apprenticeship of writing songs and studying from his musical inspirations, such as Bon Jovi, U2, Guns N’ Roses, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. Other bands which influenced him along the way include The Goo Goo Dolls, Muse, Lifehouse, Coldplay and Skid Row.

“I was slowly learning what it is to be a real songwriter,” Niccolai recounts. “I probably wrote more than 200 songs to get the 12 for this album. It usually starts with the music and then I start to sing the melody in what I call ‘yogurt mode’ — key words just springing into my mind. And from those words, the story develops. I believe everything is linked: a melody, a mood, some characters, a story… all interdependent.”

Our Revolution, his musical vision for The Fairchilds combines bold, winning melodies with a broad perspective of the world and an unerring sense of uplift. That was buoyed by cutting edge British producer Jim Lowe, who has also worked with Stereophonics, Herbie Hancock and Foo Fighters. And justice, hope and promise are recurring themes.

“High,” a song about the rush of feelings from the discovery of a new love, the sting of heartbreak or the like, is underpinned by the theme of hope. That emotional torrent is channeled in a soaring guitar coda that kicks the tune up from ballad to rocker. Across the debut, Niccolai delivers his thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and observances with an articulate heartfelt spin



Written By: Cyril Niccolai

(C. Niccolai)

I’m falling, hurt myself again,
Bruises you can’t see, but the pain remains the same.
Sometimes, well, you’re just out of hope,
When the world hits hard, when the stars refuse to glow.
If I’m down on my knees, close my eyes and disappear,
Leave the ground would it feel alright?

I wanna follow the sun, destination’s unknown,
As life is getting harder…
It feels like I’m losing my way, if it’s too hard I’ll give up someday,
I’m strong not unbreakable…

And I thought that nothing could go wrong,
That with passion and love no war can’t be won.
I won’t cry if I bleed, I can fight and take a hit,
I won’t hide, now I’ve got the hang of it.

I wanna follow the sun, destination’s unknown,
As life is getting harder…
It feels like I’m losing my way, if it’s too hard I’ll give up someday,
I’m strong not unbreakable…

If you think that I ain’t going anywhere, that nothing could save me…
And if you know, then just tell me what I want, tell me what I need,
Show me what I have to see …

I wanna follow the sun, destination’s unknown,
As life is getting harder…
It feels like I’m losing my way, if it’s too hard I’ll give up someday,
I’m strong not unbreakable…



First Single: Unbreakable (radio mix by Mark Endert). This song was just added to SIRIUS PULSE and KBFF in Portland, OR on December 5.

Debut Album: Our Revolution (Produced by Jim Lowe) released by Vertusent through RED Distribution, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment.