The Fakirs of Gorbhanga

The Fakirs of Gorbhanga

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

The songs and dances deba, practiced exclusively by women and girls, evoke great Sufi ceremonies celebrating the birth of the Prophet. deba has won the price "France Musique 2009"


The Fakirs of Gorbhanga
However you describe them, the Bauls of Bengal are unique. They are traveling minstrels, mystic singers, beggar philosophers - and a deeply free, altruistic people.
At dusk, the Fakirs of the village of Gorbhanga sit under the akhra (or ashram), a circular and open-sided hut, and play music on the dotara (a five-string, bird-headed lute), on the harmonium, on the jhuri (small cymbals), on the dholok (drum) or on the tabla.
The musicians usually play two main different repertoires : the Baul-Fakir gaan , devotional songs with bakti and sufi influences which are widely inspired by Lalan Fakir poetry (1774-1890) and the bangla qawwli closer to the Pakistani qawwli, and associated with guru Gaus-ul-Azam (1826-1906) from the Tarika-e-Maizbhandari, in Bangladesh.



Written By: Anonymous

Translation of :Khawaja baba Khawaja baba marhaba marhaba..
Khwaja Baba Khwaja Baba Marhaba Marhaba, sang praises for the Almighty (Nabi)
One day the revered saint(Peer )called Khwaja to himself
Asking why do u look so pale and sad?
Says Khwaja, for three days have been without food
Only the Sama songs have whetted the hunger of my soul.
Peer then says Khwaja, sing to me, make my lovelorn heart at peace
Khawaja then sings songs, and peer dances to the rhythm
The earth and the sky join in unison
Khwaja Baba Khwaja Baba,Marhaaba,Marhaaba,sang praises for the Almighty…
Khwaja gives his staff to the Peer and makes the earth stand still
And then his hands upwards move to make the sky stand still.
Peer illalaha iilelah and gets immersed in the ecstasy ..says korban
Songs are intoxicants of love, when I sing my soul livens
The errant soul gets punished ,when I am song less.
Abul says if you are a true lover , your beloved you are bound to get
And drink the nectar of love after you met.
Khwaja Baba Khawaja baba..
Singer-Babu Fakir

Tranlsation of akashta kanpchilo kyan,mati ta nachhilo kyan sei din seidin..

Why was the sky shivering and why was the earth dancing
The revered peer was in sweat, that day that day??
The Khwaja sang songs on that day
Allah Nabi’s songs are peer Aulia’s pride
One who says its vile says only to chide
Thoughtless understanding, terms songs as vile
Nabi Yasmin too listens to these songs, while.

Without much furore you all please open the Hadish
Why Billal beat the drums ..that day that day?
When the friend of the poor, the Nabi leaves this earth
Beat the drums and ask to forgive.
Music is in Azan and music is in Koran
Music and song pervades everywhere
Says Sarkar Shah Alam ,songs are of two types
Greet the Baul song ,Maumin maumin.

Singer-Armaan Fakir

Translation of: Akasher taraguli jhilmil korche,Bagichar fulguli sourave jhulche..habib eseche,Rasool eseche..

The stars shine brilliantly,
The flowers spread fragrance,
Habib has come,the Rasool has come.
In Arab ,near the Kaba ,
Has ad vented best of the men, the holy redeemer
The moon hangs in the sky and in branches birds sing
We are fortunate and blessed
The Nabi we have loved.
Khuda himself created our Rasool
Abu sarkar says he has fallen in love, indeed fallen in love,
The Habib has come, the Rasool has come.
Singer- Armaan Fakir

Translation of :Loke bole ,ki boley rey,ghorbari bhala noi amar..
People say...they say that my house is not good enough
Oh Lord..what abode I built in the midst of nothing
People say ..they say that house is not big enough.

Thought of building a house
And stay in there for long
After staying the mirror showed, have grown wings of my own.
Seeing this Hason Raja does not build his own house
Where would I stay Allah
He wails and cries.
If Hasan knew earlier how long he would live
Then he would have built his own house and not grieve.
Singer-Babu Fakir


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