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Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF

Athens, Georgia, United States | SELF
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"Batman, Booze, and Rock 'n' Roll: Meet The Falcones"

Indie rock and techno/bass-heavy/DJ “music” might have a strong presence in Athens’ modern music scene right now, but that doesn’t mean that Athens is without some great rock n roll bands that still remember that three chords, some verses and a chorus is all one needs to create some killer tunes. Athens newcomers, The Falcones, are no exception to the aforementioned formula.

“We play deconstructed pop songs,” guitarist and front man Danny Hurley boasted. “That’s really all it comes down to.”

Having only been a band for a mere 8 months, the group has gigged around the Athens area since its inception, garnering dozens of fans after each performance. With a rigorous seven-day-a-week practice schedule, the quartet has earned the pay off. But guitarist Charlie Wood feels that rehearsal is “a time to be taken seriously. The shows are a time to let loose and have a good time. I think that’s what we do and I think people see get that from seeing us play.”

No strangers to a good time, the band’s practice space (also Charlie’s house) has a generous helping of beer cans, wine and liquor bottles and cigarette butts scattered about. However many hedonistic pleasures might be littered about, the band made is clear during its practice session they knew when to put down their bottles and pick up their instruments.

Beginning their set with their soon-to-be-released single, “Bad Soul,” it was clear that alcohol didn’t render the band from blitzing through a flawless pop gem. Having no PA system for his vocals, Danny used nothing but his lungs to cut through the barrage of guitars and intricate rhythm section of drummer Mike Dailey and bassist Bradley Jones.

The lack of proper amplification made the performance feel as if the band were playing in a run down dive bar: cigarette smoke danced in the dim light, the foul stench of old beer, soaking into the crevices of the floorboards, filled the small room. And the band seemed perfectly at home.

With only 8 months experience as The Falcones under their belts, the members have been playing their respective instruments for years. However, not all were proud of their musically backgrounds. “I probably have the worst band experience out of all of us,” Dailey said. “Throughout middle school and high school, I was either in death metal bands, screamo bands, or - completely on the other horizon - traditional free form jazz bands.”

The band had a good laugh at Dailey’s expense, complete with Hurley quipping, “Yeah, I had to convert this mother fucker to rock n roll when I found him.” Dailey laughingly admitted that this was indeed true while Cooper concluded that he, too, had done time in an equally embarrassing band that “recorded only five songs. [I] scratched the CD with a rock so no one would ever hear those songs.” But those bands were the foundation of each member’s musical career, however unflattering.

With those unpleasant memories still fresh in mind, The Falcones are using those wayward times in forgettable bands as motivation to fuel their current project. “We write our own songs. We record our own songs. We book our own shows. While me may not be a punk band, I’ve carried the ethics and DIY attitude of punk with me since hearing my first Bad Religion album when I was a kid,” Hurley proudly stated.

For a band who got its name from Batman comics and is rarely seen without some form of alcohol, The Falcones seem to have found the right balance of talent, indulgence and work ethic. And it shows through their vibe as a band, Hurley said. “Honestly, I’ve never found a group of musicians quite like these guys; we all feel that way. We’re a family. That’s what makes us click. And if that’s any indication of what’s to come, then I’m sticking with it.”

The Falcones are currently recording their debut EP, set to be released in April of 2011.

For a demo of their first single, “Bad Soul,” visit
- The Voice

"So, I am kind of in love with this rock band..."

A non-sports story, although I will be spending Super Bowl Sunday with them. FOOTBALL AT THE MOTHNEST!

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to my boys, The Falcones, the Athens music scene's next big thing. Aside from being four really awesome guys, they form a sensational sound that pulls from many different influences to create a funky, rock infused, pop-alternative love child that makes anyone who knows good music real happy. Essentially, it's music so good, it rips your throat out and you're okay with it.

They have performed four amazing shows so far since forming this past fall (I have been to three of four, number 1 fan), and many more are coming! To see what I mean, check out their music at Reverb Nation by clicking here or on Sound Cloud here. Also, check them out on Facebook here.

So to Charlie, Danny, Bradley, and Mike: Keep rocking out! You guys are amazing and talented and I am so proud of you for getting together and making dynamite music. Tee loves her boys! - Southern Fried Sports Girl

"Foursome Disguises Pop With Nasty Rock"

Standing together in a tiny room decked with band posters, four friends hooked up their amps and let loose an explosion of sound.

“We are a pop band trying to disguise ourselves as a nasty rock ’n’ roll band,” said The Falcones singer and guitarist Danny Hurley.

Comprised of three University students and one graduate, The Falcones blend indie-pop, raw-rock and genuine humor. Laughing amongst themselves, the connection between the members is as blatant as their carefree attitude to have fun.

“Mike [Dailey] and I have actually gone to school together since first grade,” Hurley said. “We started playing together about three or four years ago and I had a studio that I built in Atlanta and we recorded a bunch of stuff on our own.”

Comprised of two guitarists — Hurley and Charlie “Mothball” Wood — bass player Bradley Jones, and drummer Mike Dailey, the foursome is fresh to the Athens music scene, with only a handful of gigs to their name.

“We have finally gotten established to where we can have a full set list and get out there,” Wood said. “We have a good repertoire for what we sound like when we try to really send it out there.”

Tinkering between indie-pop and a raw-rock flavor, the band’s tightly structured song format is overflowing with energy and wit.

“We have a lot of pop sensibilities but we also love to kick on our fuzz pedals and make some noise,” Hurley said.

Headlining their second show at the Caledonia tonight, the members of The Falcones are eager to bring new material to fans and newcomers alike.

“I’d say when we played at the Caledonia last time it was just cool to play in an actual venue and have it all mic-ed and just blasting out into the crowd,” Wood said.

During the songwriting process, Hurley and Wood typically bring ideas to the table and Jones and Dailey organize the rhythm. From there, the band works on vocals.
“I like that we really all have a lot of input into it. We all just do our own thing and make it as a unit … which is great,” Hurley said.

It takes roughly two weeks for The Falcones to perfect a song before they feel confident to present to the public.

“I would say for the next six months definitely we are getting a full-length record,” Hurley said. “We’re kind of lucky because I have a very nice studio set up. I’ve been able to do it for us … So really, as we get the songs, we can go throw them down — three songs in a weekend. A handful a week and you’ve got a record.”

Opposite their steadfast dedication to creating and recording songs is the frivolous story behind the band’s name.

“Around 19 years old, I discovered comic books,” Hurley said. “I was a really late-comer. And, when I say comic books, I really just mean Batman … Specifically, ‘The Long Halloween.’ It is a Batman graphic novel. And, the gangster family in that book is The Falcones. So, our name comes directly from comic books, because we’re cheap.”

Though three of the four are University students — Jones recently graduated — the band is dedicated to its causes: writing music, booking shows and getting its name out there.

“I feel like everybody says this, and everybody wants to make this claim, but it is really, really organic,” Hurley said. “I’ll write … a full song, I’ll bring it here and by the time we are done with it, it will be completely different. It will be the same chord progression, but that’s about it. Maybe not even.”

- Heather Kinney, The Red & Black - The Red & Black (FRONT PAGE ARTICLE)


"Bad Soul" Single - currently playing on Album 88 (FM 88.5) in Atlanta, GA and WUOG in Athens, GA (FM 90.5)

The Falcones Were Raised Better Than This EP - Release April 2011

Currently in the studio recording new material



The Falcones hail from the Rock 'n' Roll Mecca that is Athens, GA. They eat the food, drink the water, and breathe the air that spawned the likes of R.E.M., the Drive By Truckers, Danger Mouse, and the B-52's, and they are out to prove that they can step in the same ranks. 2011 promises to be the year for the boys with the release of their debut EP, "The Falcones Were Raised Better Than This," in April and a tour and festival dates throughout the summer. Look and listen for the band at your local venues, on your local radio stations, and on your friend's iPod as they prepare to take their place among the pantheon of Athens greats.