The Fallacy Theory

The Fallacy Theory


Hailing from Union City, NJ, The 5 piece rock/indie/post hardcore act The Fallacy Theory, has been turning heads for 5 years now. With their diverse blend of driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and pulse-pounding drum beats, its not hard to see what all the fuss is about.


The Fallacy Theory began in early 2002 when 4 young musicians started a band called In A Daze. They began writing and playing shows at small local venues. Within a short span of time, they began gaining a following of local fans. In the first 3 years of In A Daze's existence they recorded a full length L.P. and a six song E.P, as well as surviving 4 lineup changes and more recently a name change. But despite all the changes, the two founding members of In A Daze remained. After adding a new bassist in mid 2005, the lineup was complete. The Fallacy Theory was born. Lookout!!



Written By: Mario Vargas, Danny Fernandez, & Carlos Ortega

Drawing figures all around I can’t seem to see my mistakes. The Brush is held firm as I draw out the lies I cannot see what I have drawn. I need you to help me to see clearly, I can’t do it on my own. Would you try? Please Help me cuz I’m down and out and I need to be taken away. Take me away far from this calamity that I do not need anymore. Sense of touch has taken away, I cannot see but, what is around me? I have nothing left to do so I stand here alone; I stand here alone with you. I can’t do it on my own, please! Take me! Take me away from this misery. Save me, please help me cuz I’m just slipping away! Words that roam in the most obvious of places go places unforeseen, and faded. So I’ll take this moment, this chance in time, to say my last goodbye. Will you listen to my cries as I reach out for? Will you listen to a voice so weak and faded? Suck this kiss from my lips; can you feel at all?


Lost In Autumn (2003) Demo LP 9 Songs

All Farewells Should be Sudden... (2004) EP 6 Songs

Singles - Pictures (2003, Track of The Day November 9, 2003 and #16 on Active Metal), Park Avenue (2004), Better Left Unsaid (2004), The Last Favor (2005)

Upcoming Album (2006)
Single - Creatures (Working Title) 2006

Set List

1. To Dying Dreams(3:32)
2. This Poison(3:10)
3. Red Iris (3:16)
4. Fireflies & Candlelight (4:35)
5. Pictures (4:46)
6. The Last Favor (4:51)
7. Creatures (Working Title) (3:24)