The Fallbacks

The Fallbacks

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN


The Fallbacks are an original band from Calgary, Alberta. The band got together in May 2010 and was founded by Katy and Greg. The band was only made possible when Nick and his drums agreed to join later that month, and the band was only complete when Staz and his keys joined in July of that same year. Starting in Calgary, the band has seen great support from local pubs. Currently recording their first cd, the band is proud to be active in the creative process, boasting 22 original songs


Please Stay

Written By: Katy and Greg Doucette

Please Stay

Haven’t seen you in a year
Hopes so high my dear
Stay close to me now
But mostly just stay

So much potential right here
Embracing us my dear
Do you see it inside?
All that we’ve tried

Please stay
Please stay
I can’t find my way
I’m lost without you

We’re meant to breath
As one my dear
My eyes are only for you No time can’t undo

I don’t think you’ve changed
You’re still the same my love
But stay with me
We can change you’ll see



Written By: Katy and Greg Doucette

Can we start again
Oh I know
Now I know
That I’m on my own

And believe me
This time
This time around

That we’ll wash away
Wash away
Bad memories

Turn back to me
Please don’t leave me
When you walk away
I’m the one that pays

Oh you, did you
Find it after all?
What we had don’t leave it or replace

Only from here Come around
Come around my place
So I can show you
Show you what
Show you what you had

Show you what you had
What you had in me


Written By: Katy and Greg Doucette

You know you’re alone
You wish it wasn’t true
But there’s nothing more to do

Saving me is up to you
I wish it wasn’t true
Believe its what you must do

I would help you if I could
I know that I should
But you’re on your own again

There must be something I can do (x4)

There’s a fight to fight
But no reason anymore
Your world is closing in
Go home and lock your door
Why do we even try at all?

You wish it was here
One moment to be clear
To have it all explained

The task is just for one
You must hold on my son
Fight for my life

Keep the wounds that remain
Reminders of the pain
You’re fighting to detain


First album in progress.