The Fall Down Drunks

The Fall Down Drunks

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA

The FDD sound is simple and home grown folk and blues with a bit of high energy rawness to it. Gritty vocals, acoustic guitar and a home made one-string bass make up our basic line up, which at times includes harmonica and banjo.
We sing songs about life that normal folks young and old can relate to


When a couple of guys that spent time in thrash and grunge rock bands get back to the southern roots of their childhood and explore the music of a simpler time in history....while consuming mass amounts of get The Fall Down Drunks.

A.J. Gaither grew up in the rural parts of southern Arkansas in a low income family. His parents raised him on Leonerd Skynerd, Hank jr, and CCR, along with a healthy dose of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Rodger Miller from the grandparents. He attended a primitive baptist church sometimes with his grandmother where you can hear the sound of gospel sung by the voices of farmers, mechanics, convenience store clerks...normal working folks...this was how he started singing. Through out his life he was influenced by many different musical styles ranging from punk and grunge to electronica but found in the end you end up back home.

A.j.'s songs are about the things most are about, losing love, moving on, getting drunk, good times, hard times, and being broke. He is a mostly self taught musician. His bass is made from a metal 5 gallon bucket, some spare lumber, and a weed eater string.

Lonnie Letts has family rooted in southern Missouri but grew up running the streets of Turner, a community in Wyandotte county Kansas. Being from a long line of drinkers he was raised in the local bar scene and is well familiar with the ways of the pool hall and the sounds of the juke box and his mothers influence of classic rock such as Dr Hook and the Medicine Show and Led Zeppelin.

Lonnie has been a rhythm guitar player since he was fourteen and mostly played with punk and thrash bands.

FDD did not set out to be a preforming working band but when so many people around them took a liking to it they decided to see how far they could go with this little hillbilly band. They began going to and hosting open mics, then booking regular shows in local bars. Less than a year later they are giging several times a week in the Kansas City area, doing their own shows as well as shows with well respected acts from our region and have recorded their first album "13 Shots with The Fall Down Drunks". They have plans to record their second album in the summer of 2011.

They are now looking to hit the road and do some bars across the mid-west and south as well as get involved in some festivals. But their main goal is the same as its always live life, sing songs about it, and hope someone hears 'em.


13 Shots with The Fall Down Drunks - 2010