The Fallen

The Fallen


Our music is a mix between metal, alternative rock and pop. With power driven guitar riffs, hard hitting drums, dreamy keyboard lines and ambient vocals (both male and female), The Fallen is sure to fuse together many genres of music.


"We all fall down to get back up and fight"! This one lyric in the song, Our Lives, may best sum up the philosophy and the genesis of the band's music. Started in late 2005 as an experimental project between musicians Gabe Horning and Mark Bolger, and completed in late 2007 with the addition of drummer Dwight Sensenig and vocalist Audra McLaughlin. The idea was to piece together a project that had its roots in metal, rock, acoustic, and ambient styles of music. They envisioned heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums, atmospheric keyboards and rich melodic vocals; a sound that would have an impact on one, both physically and mentally. The Fallen is based on people's understanding of the world around them and their ability to change whatever they desire, in this case, a way to "pick yourself up". There's no shame in falling down, because we all fall down at different times in Our Lives, and will continue to fall, it's all part of the human experience. But you, and only you, are the master of your reality and your destiny. If you don't like who you are or where you are then change it. If you can work it out the pain will disappear.


I Don't Care

Written By: Audra McLaughlin

On my heart the scars remain there
They will never go away
You cut me from the inside out
Took away all that I was about

And now you left me with pain
And now all I have is the shame

I don't want you I don't need you
I have someone else
And you don't care but I don't care
What you think about this anymore

I used to cry myself to sleep
'Cause without you I felt my world was incomplete
But now I woke up I realized you're nothing to me

Our Lives

Written By: Mark Bolger and Gabe Horning

Our Lives

Lyrics by Mark Bolger and Gabe Horning

It’s fucking 7:30 at the break of morning

I try to hide away but still the rain is pouring

Like a cross between the feelings you can’t see

They try to overwhelm this whole catastrophe

As we all fall down to get back up and fight

And we’ll make believe, we’ll spread our wings and fly

Our lives

Will feel like

We’ve made it

And our time

Will be fine

So save it

The saturation tries to pull you in

To where the circumstances swallow you within

I’ll never point you out or stick it to your fears

If you can work this out the pain will disappear

For You To See Now

Written By: Mark Bolger

I see you're breaking down again
To the point where I can say I told you
And the hesitation came all around the ones who said they know you

The light of the night
Shines in your room
Everyone knows
You're alone

Forget your worries
Your life is waiting
For you to come down
You're gonna see now
When you were lonely
And you were hated
It's gonna come down
You're gonna see how

So while you're breaking down again
I will be the one to try and hold you
And let the wind run through your hair
On the path that I will come to show you


Written By: Mark Bolger

I just remembered the dream
Somewhere between
How I wanted to feel the Carolina breeze
And the love that's within
The silent sky
For the weekend and for the rest of our lives

So let's go down to Carolina
Let's go all the way
The sun shines all around you
Let's waste all the day

The sun's breaking the clouds
The light we see
Never changes the way
That you believe in me
While you lie in the sand
The ocean air makes it feel just like we're without a care


Written By: Mark Bolger

Were you dreaming of destiny
In my arms where you lay asleep
Holding on to the one thing I can keep love

Passion flowing in champagne skies
Breathing essence of you tonight
Can't you see all the stars are now aligned
You'll begin to see

When the lights go down
I am ready
When the lights go down
I am ready

I walk in so impatiently
'Cause you were waiting so desperately
And you're beginning to dream that you're alive

When the lights go down
Are you ready
When the lights go down
Are you ready

When the lights go down
Up and all around


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2008 LP)

Between the Angels and the Deep Dark Sky (2009 LP)

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Set List

Setlist: ( * includes songs on album)

When I Wait*
Another Side*
The Feeling*
Like You*
All Around*
All Around (acoustic)*
Our Lives*
Shed A Tear*
Lullabye (Hold You With Me)*
When It Rains*
Over The Sound*
I Don't Want You*
I Want Your Love*
The Blue*
All of This is All We Miss*
I Won't Let You Go
Life Is Waiting
Broken Glass*
Face Down On the Ground
You Told Me Its Over
Walk By
I've Got To Find Her
Once And For All
Take You For A Ride
It's Up To You
I Want to See You
What Is Real (Is Never Real Enough)
You Will Fall
Take Your Time, Hurry Up