The Fallen

The Fallen


A fresh, raw, energized, rock sound from a band of three performers that strive to grow musically, spiritually, and against all rationality... won't stop making music.


THE FALLEN was created in July of 2004.
In the summer of 2005, The Fallen went through some changes.

At the beginning of 2006, The Fallen acquired bass player Korey Brown.

The three members of the band are widely influenced by many styles of music.

With The Fallen, there are no gimmicks, just what the three believe in, and love to do.

Their sound and style varies greatly. They have been and can be described as Jam Band, Alt. Rock, Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Contemporary Christian, Pop Rock, etc…

The Fallen is very versatile and plays venues from churches, colleges, and coffee houses to bars/clubs, festivals, and private parties.


The Fallen - EP

Set List

Our typical set list is made up of all original music.
Our songs include:
-Get Over Yourself
-Hot Coals
-At The End
-Burn The Bridges
-Giving it all
-? (That's the name of the song)
-No Turning Back
-Thanksgiving Song
-Pick up Your Cross
-Lead Foot

We play covers when needed but prefer to play our original music.
Bands that we cover include:
Black Crows
Hootie and the Blowfish
The Romantics
The Kingsmen
Jimmy Hendrix
Green Day
Lynyrd Skynyrd