The Fallen Troubadours

The Fallen Troubadours

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Drunk on melody, high on musical history, but original and all their own nonetheless, the songs throb with great playing and singing. Timeless is the word for it.


There are many ways to describe the sounds one would hear from listening to the Fallen Troubadours. But we prefer the following: If the most influential bands of the 1960s were liquefied and thrown into a bucket, the Fallen Troubadours would be the sponge thrown in, rung out and used to wash over modern music.


The Fallen Troubadours UK Tour EP, released May 2011
Tall Tales, LP slated for August 2011 release

Set List

Our typical performance is a one hour set of original songs, with a few obscure 60's covers by groups like the Kinks/Animals/Manfred Mann,etc.