The Falling Pine

The Falling Pine

 Fort Defiance, Arizona, USA

I take the stairs.


The Falling Pine is a one person project of the New Orleans based musician Shane Ballow. Shane started playing piano at age 5 and bought his first synthesizer in the early 80's. He was influenced by artists of the 70's nd 80's, particularly acts that used synthesizers extensively. His music is all electronic, both hardware and software, and has a theatrical goth-glam-synth-dance-rock opera orientation (if there is such a thing). Acts such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Bowie, and Muse come to mind.


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Set List

I Know Why You're Here
It's No Wonder
You Told Me
That's What You Mean to Me
The Goat
Haunted Love
No Big Deal
I Knew it Would
Going Going Gone
I Scream

All original works and Copyrighted by Shane Ballow