The Fall Of Kings

The Fall Of Kings

 Liverpool, England, GBR

The Fall Of Kings are an Epic-Rock outfit mixing heavy rock with epic indie. Big riffs, crunching bass, soaring keyboards, melodic vocals, meaningful lyrics, intricate rhythms and beautiful violin all combine to create an intense live experience with memorable songs and a captivating performance.


The Fall Of Kings (TFOK) are based near Liverpool, UK, they describe their sound as 'Epic-Rock', a mixture of Heavy Rock and Epic Indie, where stadium sized music fits in a raw and intimate setting.

Forming back in early 2008 there was only one aim, to write good music. Not worried about labels or scenes the lads have continually evolved their sound to how it sounds today. Background keyboards have blossomed into epic sound scapes, bass riffs have flooded every song, a polite guitar has become gritty and confident, and rhythms no longer just keep tempo but turn heads and beat their way through audiences chests.

Over countless gigs around Liverpool and the North West TFOK have become a true 'live-band', fusing strong musicianship with audience participation, experimental instrumentals with infectious sing-alongs, and occasionally throwing in an unexpected cover (Spandau Ballett's 'Gold' and Haddaway's 'What is Love' included).They've experimented with lights triggered by the bass drum, hand painted banners and t-shirts hung on a washing line; home made promo videos and artwork, stripped back acoustic sets, Birthday cakes (with candles) presented on-stage, climbing speakers, drum kits and furniture, running through crowds with wind chimes, and dragging strangers out the crowd to play along on floor toms. They are not afraid to try something new and have fun doing it.

The latest addition to TFOK has been violinist Helen in May 2011, bringing an extra layer of musicianship, performance, intrigue, beauty and general 'epic-ness'.


'Dark Room Demos' - EP, June 2008
'Parr St. Demo' - EP, March 2009
'Tall Army' - Single, Feb 2010
'Only For The Free' - EP, June 2010

Set List

Life In The Wire
No Remedy
Tall Army