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The Fall Of Kings

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock


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"The Fall Of Kings – Tall Army"

The first time I listened to this track I wrote down three words, big, catchy and polished. I think that this really says it all about this track.

As soon as the track starts with a cleverly effected guitar feedback you know that this track has not been rushed in the studio and that some time has been taken to get this just right. It works great as a lead into the intro of big drums, bass and heavy guitar.

I’ve got to admit when the first verse kicked in it was not exactly what I was expecting. There where two surprises, First of all when the synth comes in and the track is transformed into a catchy upbeat number and secondly the lead vocals. I was expecting a generic low pitched heavy rock vocal but what we get is something completely different. The vocals are great, the singer sounds like he is fighting every note as it’s coming out (in a good way). The vocal melody is not the most complicated of all time but it does not need to be, it’s simple and catchy.

When we get to the chorus the thing you are going to remember is the repeated line “it’s so lonely” and no doubt it’s going to be the line you are singing to yourself after listening to the track. The chorus is brilliant in its simplicity and does its job perfectly.

The track carries it momentum all the way to the end and you can’t help but appreciate how polished this track sounds. All in all I really enjoyed Tall Army and I’m looking forward to future releases from The Fall Of Kings.

Rating: ?????

By Sean O’Hare @seano56 - Mako Records

"SNUB II – Alternative/Indie (White Heat, The Temps, The Last Gambados, The Fall of Kings"

The Fall of Kings took over the stage in a confident manner. Self described as an “epic rock” band, they certainly lived up to their name with the eclectic mix of powerhouse guitars, excellent weathered vocals, a brilliant rhythm section and the surprise of the night – violinist! The songs they played were very good. Their tracks had a sense of urgency, befitting of their self-description, but the violin added a layer of unsurpassed beauty which blew me away. The last track of the night (forgive me for not remembering the name) was incredible – the intersecting melodies were very complementary of each other and it had a killer chorus that I was singing for the rest of the evening. - ManGoneBlog

"The Fall Of Kings Interview - Anna Kennedy"

The Fall of Kings were a band I’d never had the pleasure of hearing before. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away when seeking out their music (most bands circulating are average), but alas - I was. They’re everything I like music to be; heavy, catchy and creative with explosive jams.
We arranged to meet in Shipping Forecast; in came Dave, then Joe and Nathan and then finally Dan. I was pleasantly surprised at how casual and unassuming they were. I immediately got the sense they were genuine music lovers rather than just doing it to be ‘Cool’. Their bands clearly not just a hobby, they mean serious business. Eventually, after discussing such things as our love for liverpool, the local music scene, Glastonbury and Muse we got down to business…

Anna: So, can you instantly feel the vibe of an audience when you first step on stage?

Dave: We’ve only ever had one bad gig, really. The crowd were underage and probably had those tags attached to their ankles! They were fighting and stuff, so ruined the vibe a little.

Nathan: Yeah, but we always try to win every crowd over - a hostile crowd just makes us try harder for their affections. We never rest on our morals.

Anna: How would you describe your sound?

Nathan: Epic Rock. We try to make our music interesting and creative with hidden sounds that you won’t catch on the first listen. We like to shake things up a bit with violin players and improvisations at are gigs - we don’t have a strict setlist or way we perform. It keeps it fun for the audience and us, so it’s win/win.

Dave: I reckon we’re more stadium Indy than Epic Rock… We’d love to eventually play massive venues, and we’re starting to try and gig more out of town now too.

Nathan: our songs sound like a record - it’s not something just thrown together - we’re constantly tweaking and fixing things.

Anna: Would you say your music identifies with a certain scene?

Dave: All sorts - we’re not exclusive at all. We get old rockers, underage kids, punks - anyone. We don’t set out to be cool, we know we’re not and we fully acknowledge that!

Me: Has your sound progressed from when you first started out?

Joe: It’s completely progressed, especially with our song ‘No remedy’. That song has only just been finalised within these last six months. We’re way better than we used to be! As we progress as musicians our music gets gets tighter.

Nathan: I guess we started out as an extension of Mersey Beat - but now we have found our own sound and we just try and play what we would actually want to listen to ourselves.

Anna: How often do you gig?

Nathan: As much as we can!

Joe: We pride ourselves on being a good live band. We use lots of different instruments and constantly practice. our gigs are always energetic and different each time, too - we even design our own backdrop just to keep it fun and original. We’ve had a washing line on stage once, it beats just having our name at the back of us.
It’s really difficult to get a steady following who come to all of our gigs though…

Nathan: yeah, there are too many average bands with lots of followers…we think we’re a good band and we want to gain followers the proper way, instead of just having friends constantly flood our gigs.

Anna: Cheesy, I know…but, who inspired/influences you?

Joe: Local bands in similar situations to us. We know how hard it is to get noticed out there. We do have a great producer though - Danny from Whitewood studios in Liverpool.

Dave: He completely gets us and knows what sound we want to get across. He’s recorded with some great bands like the Wombats, Delta Fiasco and Mugstar, so we love working with him.

Nathan: It’s weird because people compare us to bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Lost prophets - they’re great bands but we don’t like being compared to others. I’d say we influence each other during practice and gigs.

Me: Anything new coming up?

Joe: Yeah, we have a few gigs lined up in and around Liverpool. We’re also heading back to the studio in november to work with Danny again.

Nathan: We’re looking on releasing an EP at the end of the year, too.

Joe: And hopefully we’re going to make more videos for our tracks, which you should look out for!

Dave: I think people need to see us live to really appreciate us - we can’t get enough of it. - ManGoneBlog


'Dark Room Demos' - EP, June 2008
'Parr St. Demo' - EP, March 2009
'Tall Army' - Single, Feb 2010
'Only For The Free' - EP, June 2010



The Fall Of Kings (TFOK) are based near Liverpool, UK, they describe their sound as 'Epic-Rock', a mixture of Heavy Rock and Epic Indie, where stadium sized music fits in a raw and intimate setting.

Forming back in early 2008 there was only one aim, to write good music. Not worried about labels or scenes the lads have continually evolved their sound to how it sounds today. Background keyboards have blossomed into epic sound scapes, bass riffs have flooded every song, a polite guitar has become gritty and confident, and rhythms no longer just keep tempo but turn heads and beat their way through audiences chests.

Over countless gigs around Liverpool and the North West TFOK have become a true 'live-band', fusing strong musicianship with audience participation, experimental instrumentals with infectious sing-alongs, and occasionally throwing in an unexpected cover (Spandau Ballett's 'Gold' and Haddaway's 'What is Love' included).They've experimented with lights triggered by the bass drum, hand painted banners and t-shirts hung on a washing line; home made promo videos and artwork, stripped back acoustic sets, Birthday cakes (with candles) presented on-stage, climbing speakers, drum kits and furniture, running through crowds with wind chimes, and dragging strangers out the crowd to play along on floor toms. They are not afraid to try something new and have fun doing it.

The latest addition to TFOK has been violinist Helen in May 2011, bringing an extra layer of musicianship, performance, intrigue, beauty and general 'epic-ness'.