The Fall Out Effect

The Fall Out Effect


*tap* Is this on? The Fall Out Effect is a Michigan City-based band that combines elements from alternative, punk, pop, hard rock, and hardcore genres into an original and intriguing sound. Give one of our songs like "Postcard" or "Mafia" a shot, and you'll find yourself singing it for days!


The Fall Out Effect is a Michigan City-based alternative band with influences ranging from Blink 182 to Sum 41 to 3 Doors Down. Although they have many many influences, they aren't limited to one particular style or genre.

The Fall Out Effect was formed when the lead singer, Adam Schwan, joined the band. Current band members Brian Rich, guitarist, and Don Becker, drummer, are the original members and have gone through many musicians and names. They're the only two that have made it from the beginning to the present. Bruce Slayden, bassist, joined much later.

Intervene is a band that started with Don in Michigan City. Then Brian was brought in by Jon Bradford in 2002. The band wrote music together that wasn't bad for beginners, but switching band members constantly slowed progress. Intervene wanted to change their name, and Don brought a new name to the table: Static View.

Some time after, they were looking for a new guitarist. The band at the time, Brian, Don, and Joe Hunt (bassist), went to a studio in Michigan City. There they met a guitarist named Jeremy Blackstien, who was in a band named Missing in Action. This band consisted of Jeremy, Bruce, and Jerry Yourist. Jeremy was brought into Static View and dragged Bruce, who was still just a wannabe, in with him. He was a bass player with no band experience or bass guitar. Bruce got a guitar shortly after and took the bassist position in Static View when their own bassist was not working out for them. Bruce also started handling screaming vocals when Brian heard Bruce's screaming while jamming one day. Bruce has been screaming ever since.

Shortly after Bruce picked up the bassist position in the band, they were forced to kick out Jeremy because of participation conflicts. The music started progressing further and much faster, and everyone's skills got better. The band decided to change the name to Finding III and later to Home for Nothing. A few months later, Brian was desperate for a new singer and found that the chances of getting a new vocalist were slim. He searched online and met a guy named Adam. They quickly setup an interview the following weekend. Adam was to their liking, and he joined the band immediately. The band was soon renamed to The Fall Out Effect.

Since then, The Fall Out Effect has gained a substantial fanbase and has recorded two EP's. They will continue to grow in popularity and are determined to make it big.


Petty Lies and Lullabies:
1. Mafia
2. Here's the Song
3. Hello Anger
4. The Melodramatic Breakup Song
5. Bring You Down pt. 2
6. Postcard

Definition EP:
1. Postcard
2. Lies
3. Christmas Tree Blues
4. Believe It

Tracks are available for streaming playback through, Myspace, and

Set List

We have a variety of originals from our first two releases, plus others that have not been recorded, and can fill an hour block. We also know covers ranging from Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Story of the Year, and many other bands.