The Faltering Hearts (NORTHERN ARTIST)

The Faltering Hearts (NORTHERN ARTIST)


If the Andrews Sisters married Fats Waller and had Dolly Parton play their reception, the Faltering Hearts would be their children. Equal parts jazz, blues and country, this all girl ukulele trio will make you laugh, cry and tap your toes.


** TO FOTR SELECTION COMMITTEE: The Faltering Hearts are finalising their summer festival schedule and are planning a trip to Yellowknife to play FOTR if selected as Northern Artists. Founder and Northerner Brie O'Keefe has always dreamed of playing her hometown festival - and is hoping 2013 will be the year. We will cover our own travel expenses if selected. We would ask that you review our application as soon as possible as we have other festival offers we are finalising and would like to arrange travel as soon as possible.**

When long-time Northern Canadian Brie O'Keefe moved to London from Yellowknife and into a flatshare with Lyndsey Winship in 2009, she mentioned offhand that she'd recently purchased a ukulele. Neither imagined at 3 years later they'd be the semi-professional outfit The Faltering Hearts.

Both classically trained pianists with extensive choral experience, they teamed up with singer and actress Cecilia Fage (member of Matt Berry and the Maypoles) and quickly began writing their own songs and developing innovative vocal arrangements of country, blues and jazz classics.

Brie O'Keefe grew up across the NWT and Nunavut in Fort Simpson, Qikitarjuaq and Yellowknife. Trained in the Yellowknife Youth Choir, Brie grew up listening to her parents jazz collection and the fiddling, jigging and aboriginal rhythms of the North in equal parts. Brie has integrated this into the sound of the Faltering Hearts alongside lyrics that reflect the pristine beauty of the North.

Songs like 'Bush Pilots Monument' reflect the solace and simplicity of a walk along one of Yellowknife's most historic landmarks and the distance that cold can bring. "Sideways" combines the sound of traditional spirituals with imageries of journeys through Canadian wilderness.

With a more retro element reflecting prohibition era and the smoky atmosphere of speakeasies, The Faltering Hearts cover well known classics by Irving Berlin, Roy Orbison, Fats Waller, the Andrews Sisters and Dolly Parton.

Their sound is characterised by tight, well blended and seamless 3 part vocal harmonies and the simplicity of ukuleles accompaniament. With the occasional clarinet solo, the Faltering Hearts have a diverse range incorporating their Northern heritage and the intersection between jazz, blues and country.


Back Bay

Written By: Brie O'Keefe

The snow crunches down
I love that sound
It means I'm on solid ground

I run so far away,
and I take in Back Bay
Its just me, the ice, the wind

And its not me that you're reaching for
Its not me that you're dreaming of
Its not me, can't you see?
How can it be, I'm empty - its not me

Lake ice is my mirror
It all becomes clear
You are in love with me

its good and its back
its tragic and its sad
I don't feel how I'm supposed to be


I'm alone on a hill
watching people mill
you reach out
its cold in the dark

Take me by the hand
lead me to another land
Where I'm less frozen
At last.


Self-Released EP: The Faltering Hearts

Clips from Performances:


Set List

After You Get What You Want (Irving Berlin)
The Showgirl Song (Original - Jazz)
Sideways (Original - Spiritual)
My Faltering Heart (Original - Country)
Girl on the Nightbus (Original - Jazz)
Mismatching Pants (Original - Country)
Crying (Roy Orbison)
Smoke Rings (The Mills Brothers)
Jolene (Dolly Parton)
The Nearness of You (Glenn Miller)
Gee Baby (King Cole Trio)
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Lonesome Polecat (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)