"They are the true spirit of all-American greatness in a city where un-American rock acts have become the norm." NEW YORK PRESS


Have you heard THE FAME yet???

Three minute songs. Two guitars. One vision. Seems like a simple enough equation. Add to that both style and substance, great tunes, an energetic and charismatic frontman, the blonde and beloved lead guitar slinger, a drummer who knows his job is to make the ladies dance and a bass player holding it all together. Now we’re getting somewhere. THE FAME has quickly built a reputation for electric live shows bursting with pop hooks from start to finish. Feet tap, heads bob and melodies linger long after the shows end. THE FAME has that indefinable ‘certain something’ essential in the making of a rock and roll band – the thing that drives a live audience into a frenzy and makes a rock fan listen to a record over and over again. It’s what makes a good band great and a great band classic. Homework is thrown on the fire. The car is taken downtown. The volume is turned up. This is what THE FAME is all about. Yes please. More of that.

THE FAME is a band from New York City but the songs they write sound just as good driving through L.A, Tucson, Cleveland, Orlando, and Green Bay as they do riding a subway car from Williamsburg to the Lower East Side. These are songs to blare from car stereos in high school parking lots across the country. They are songs to put on when deciding what clothes to wear for your night out. These are songs to love and lose to. THE FAME writes 'em lean: a defining intro, a melodic verse leading to a memorable hook then perhaps a tasteful guitar solo (yes, guitar solo) and it's all over before three and a half minutes has elapsed. At this point, you try to get the song out of your head but fail. Miserably. Brilliant.

You’ll immediately know what to say when you are inevitably asked, "have you heard THE FAME yet?” Yes please. More of that. Turn up the volume and enjoy.


Get On The Beat, EP (2005)

Set List

1. Close To Me
2. Lost In You
3. The Bedford Girls
4. Gonna Take A Miracle
5. You Don't Know
6. Easy On You
7. Come On
8. I Wanna Hold You
9. It's Only Rock N Roll
10. Get On The Beat

Running time: approximately 30 minutes
All songs by Reno Bo