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""angry throat-stripping electro""

There's an element of free-form psychedelic jazz improv feeling in The Family Curse's new disc Spice Rack. Vocalist Megan Tweed sings in an unintelligible falsetto over the screaming guitar chords...Taking no prisoners and keeping all knobs at 11, their angry throat-stripping electro sound seems to call for a heavy dose of cough suppressant and have to pay close attention to catch those juicy morsels because The Family Curse prefers to digitally resample sounds that move pitch and tempo around...For those who prefer constant sonic attack, this band is a good choice.


"Electro Power Filth"

...catch this opportunity to witness singer Megan Tweed crawl across the Slabtown floor screaming and sputtering admidst the sonic debris that her bandmates wring from thier abused guitars. This music reminds me of Austin's Pain Teens - a blend of industrial darkness and throbbing rock that refuses to be ignored. You can dance if you want to, but keep your finger on the trigger in case something goes horribly wrong. -- Nathan Carson - The Willamette Weekly

"a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Hairway-To-Steven-era Butthole Surfers.”"

“...Megan danced around the stage singing maniacally with scratchy effects on the vocals. It was breathtaking watching Megan's striking stage presence and the ways in which she often screamed over a prerecorded rhythm section and (Jeff) Doom's and (Marc)Tweed's overlapping guitar riffs…The Family Curse's live sound that night was more like a cross between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Hairway-To-Steven-era Butthole Surfers.”

-- Kent Downing, Present Magazine, April 2007 - Present Magazine

""Like an unholy cross between Captain Beefheart and the Pain Teens""

The Family Curse
Spice Rack (Fainting Room)

I was under the vague impression that The Family Curse were some sort of psychobilly band, because...well, the name sounds like that, doesn't it? Then I played the CD (always a good idea, I find). And...well, they sure ain't psychobilly, but they might just be psycho. The Family Curse make oddly exhilarating mutoid distort-o-rock, and while a little distortion goes a long way with me under normal circumstances, there's nothing here that's normal. Like an unholy cross between Captain Beefheart and the Pain Teens, trapped in a cellar with Mudhoney bashing down the door (they come from Seattle...c'mon, there's got to be a bit of grunge under their fingernails), The Family Curse grind the face of poor old rock 'n' roll into the floor and stomp over its body, rocking up their avant-noise workouts all the way. Electro-percussion clicks and chatters, an incongruous intrusion of shiny new technology into the band's dirty, dirty sound. The guitar fuzzes and grinds, and Megan Tweed's vocals - agonised blues wails, staggering beneath a weight of effects - sound like the crazy neighbours fighting on the other side of the wall. Lovely, filthy, weirdness. Which, of course, is the best kind. - UK's Nemesis to Go


Spice Rack -- April 2008, Fainting Room Collective
- Spice Rack tracks played on Pirate Cat Radio (LA, SF, Berlin) and KSCU: High Highnesses, To the Moon, RIOT, The Get High Team, Fire Scene

To the Moon video on YouTube:

That Heartbeat video on YouTube:



Marc & Megan Tweed, joined by time traveling guitar strangler, Jeff Doom, investigate the possibilities presented by brain-damaging beats, shrieking guitars and the screams and moans of a grateful, cult-bound abductee. Formed in San Francisco in 2004, they've disgraced stages with the likes of Foxboro Hot Tubs (Greenday), The Prids, Sixteens, Ghostigital, Chow Nasty, Wormwood, Giant Squid, Hostile Combover, Indian Jewelry, The Long and Short of It, New Thrill Parade, The Graves Brothers Deluxe and many others.

Their debut release, Spice Rack (Fainting Room Collective, April 2008) features 11 tracks of searing electronic noise rock for the chronically disenfranchised. Each track churns crazily through the same territory as their live show: a landscape of freak accidents, altered realities and jagged edges.

The Family Curse just completed another west coast tour and are currently caved-up, working on their follow-up LP with Brandon Fitzsimons (Grey, Oakhelm, Sodhauler, Miesce) for release in 2009 on Fainting Room Collective. They are also booking shows in the US and international markets for 2009.