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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review: the Famines Syllables/Got Lies if You Want Them"

The third offering from berserker garage duo Famines is to-date the best showcase of their ferocious double amp massacre. With Mammoth Cave recording pioneer Paul Lawton at the helm, the low-end split guitar destruction and relentless drum-pattern rampage burst through with brilliant crunch and clamor. The grooves on this 7? can barely contain Garrett’s E-Honda drummery, so play it loud and watch your needle dance to the rhythm of the heat. Sleeve design by Raymond Biesinger. GRIPGRIPGRIP. -

"Demos: the Famines"

Imagine, if you will, a much-anticipated yet unadvertised show in a crumbling brownstone in Buffalo or Baltimore, with MAYYORS opening for LIGHTNING BOLT and a reunited BASEBALL FURIES. This Edmonton, Alberta, two-piece would finagle their way into the second slot and take the crowd completely by surprise with their brand of fuzzed-out stompy garage rock that would get the boys and girls in their torn blue jeans and Converse stomping and shaking like some sort of dystopian Footloose, as the David Yow-esque singer would perform a vertical slither of sorts, occasionally taking random people in the crowd by the hand and dancing with them without missing a beat. Please play the Bay Area, and play somewhere cool like a condemned shack on Treasure Island and not a goddamn bar. (Dan) - Maximum Rock N' Roll

"Record Reviews End of Summer 2010"

A little sleeper single of Canuck 2-piece punk rock fury. Not mind blowing, but still a solid charmer in my book. Has that sneak up from the unknown attack that made me like The Sess rekkid a year or so ago. "Syllables" is quick and blown with crisp production, but without a hint of reverb. That’s like a Mojito on a summer day. Ahhh. Refweshing. I think I shoulda’ saved the Rib Cages comparison from last issue for this record. "Got Lies…" is the flip and it’s where the true magic resides. Bombastic quiet/loud dynamics with some serious pounding going on underneath the muted mumbling. Like if Steve Albini was to produce (or even play) with a BFTG band…you could have this. I think I like it a lot. Simple but effective trickery, kids. (Robert Vertigo) - Terminal Boredom

"the Anti-Hit List for 5 Nov. 2011"

If The Who had come of age in the 21st century, this is what “My Generation” might have sounded like. The mighty, very British-sounding racket that ensues here is all the more impressive when you realize it’s being made by two guys from Edmonton. (John Sakamoto) - the Toronto Star

"Wyrd III Festival a Wyld Success"

When the lights came up and the audience refused to leave, Famines drummer Garrett Kruger started pounding on a kit set up side-stage ... a mob of roughly 20 people hoisted Kruger into the air, still beating on his snare and tom, and marched down Hastings Street chanting, "We're never gonna stop!" (Adrian Mack) - the Georgia Strait


the Complete Collected Singles 12" LP (Mammoth Cave Recording Co., 8 Nov. 2011)
How to Book a Maybe Successful Tour For a Band That Hasn't Received Hype on Pitchfork, Etc. (self-published, 1 Dec. 2010)
A Visual History of the Famines 4th Ed. (the Belgravian Press, 2 Oct. 2010)
Syllables 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.,1 May 2010)
Bloodstains Across Alberta 7" Comp. (Mammoth Cave Recording Co., 1 May 2010)
Free Love Is a Sales Technique 7" (Reluctant Recordings, 14 July 2009)
14 July 2008 Cassette Book (the Belgravian Press, 28 April 2009)
2x7" (self-released, 15 July 2008)



The Famines are a focused and purposeful two-piece noise-garage combo once described as "berzerker barrage" and based out of Edmonton and Montreal, Canada. Garrett Kruger plays drums and percussion, Raymond Biesinger sings, guitars, and executes the aesthetic end of things.

They've spread their DIY minimalist-maximalist beams across Canada coast to coast five times since 2008, put out five 7" records, a collected singles 12", four editions of a visual art book, countless B&W posters, an 8-track, an educational pamphlet, and a seven-song live cassette coupled with a 268-page liner note book. They have rare heat, volume and tension, matched with a visual-audio synthesis to be jaw-dropped at. It's all true.

Past playmates have included: We Are Wolves, Women, AIDS Wolf, Slim Twig, Andrew WK, Warpaint, Gobble Gobble, the B-Lines, Red Mass, Dirty Beaches, etc.