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The Fanclub


Hello. We are The Fanclub. We are based in London and you can hear our EP, recorded with Greg Haver (Manics, SFA etc.) on this here Sonic Bids page. Check out our Sellaband page as well at


Underdogs Music's love affair with The Fanclub began back in May, when top Underdog Faye Hunter came to be on the panel of JD Unsigned. The Fanclub made it all the way to the finals, by which point Faye was utterly hooked on the band's sound, and determined to be involved in seeing the Bournemouth 3 piece's potential unveiled.

Now, after months of planning, a creative meeting of minds between the band and producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals etc) and an intense recording stint in the Cotswolds, the band are ready to present their debut, self-titled EP, which they will give away free on October 1st via their website:

Lead track 'Madman' builds out from a fairly rudimentary indie intro (think early Radiohead), through stop/start tempos, impressive harmonies, swelling production and an unforgettably huge chorus, through to an unexpected climax. It’s a perfect showcase of the band's ambitious musicianship. 'Poets Die Too' offers the kind of maturity in the songwriting that will make The Fanclub impossible to pigeon-hole with 'Bitter Boys and Graceless Girl’ rounding things off with melancholic, orchestra-laden song with bittersweet lyrics and sombre atmosphere.



Written By: The Fanclub

That’s no lollipop,
that’s a cigarette.
You now, you’re growing old
faster than I can imagine.

Madman, you’re hurting no one
but I still worry about you.

You had more to say.
It’s our line of crime,
you call it mine.


Welcome To The Fanclub EP

Set List

Golden Ashtrays
Target Audience
Passione Reveur
With My Back Against The Wall
Poets Die Too
Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls
Comfort In Control

We usually have a 30 minute set, in which case we play 8 of the above.