The Fanclub

The Fanclub

 London, England, GBR

Duo with a supporting band of percussion & strings. Melancholic yet energetic rock.Vocalist and guitarist Josh fronts the band, an incredible unique sound. He perfectly projects Bassist Lewis’ sombre introverted lyrics. All formed over a spine tingling blend of triumphant, provocative soundtracks.


The Fanclub are due to release their new single, ‘Madman’, on 12th July, alongside bonus track ‘Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls’. Centred around the soaring vocal of Josh Todd and Lewis Tobia’s somber songwriting style, the two songs are a perfect introduction to their romantic world.

Following a creative meeting of minds between the band and producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals) at an intense recording stint in the Cotswolds, the band are ready to present their debut track ‘Madman’ this coming July.

“We’d heard about his (Greg Haver’s) work with the Manics and were pretty determined to work with him from early on (being massive Manics fans ourselves). He worked us very hard and almost reduced our drummer to tears, but it was such a good experience – Greg’s input was invaluable and we learned a lot from him. We’d love to work with him again.”

And so they should think that, with the tracks emerging bringing forward a brilliantly emotional musical force to a new stage.

Lead track 'Madman' builds out from a fairly rudimentary indie intro (think early Radiohead), through stop/start tempos, impressive harmonies, swelling production and an unforgettably huge chorus, through to an unexpected climax. It’s a perfect showcase of the band's ambitious musicianship.

And in 'Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls', the band offer the kind of maturity in the songwriting that will make them impossible to pigeonhole.

The emergence of these tracks brought an immediate buzz to the ears of a stagnant industry, with it’s reminiscence of the power of Everything Must Go-era Manics and the cutting wit of Morrissey, rejuvenating the idea of the ‘anthem’ in the process.

The band have also recently expanded their line up to include a live strings section to exercise what is doubtlessly, now, an even grander aural delight.

Having initially released the two tracks on limited hand made cassettes last year, The Fanclub have now decided to spread the word into the digital realm. Go to now to stream the tracks.


RELEASE: 12th July 2010
ARTIST: The Fanclub
TRACK: ‘Madman/Bitter Boys and Graceless Girls’
LABEL: Underdogs Management Limited