The Fancy Dan Band
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The Fancy Dan Band

San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
Band Americana Rock


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"San Francisco Bay Guardian - Born Fancy review"

Feel spiffy: the country slicks of Fancy Dan Band apply tongue to cheek

Born Fancy

By Andre Torrez

"I bet you clean up real nice, fancy as can be, but I'm sorry to say, you'll never be as fancy as me." Ouch! Mr. Fancy Pants. With such confident lyrics set to a boom-chic-a-boom rockabilly beat, the Fancy Dan Band's debut, Born Fancy, is a winner. Frontman Fancy Dan is a Midwest-meets-West transplant, and his Bay Area band plays with enough barn-burning energy to make grandpa wanna hoe-down. No, really. The lyric is a throwback to the style of country pioneer Hank Williams, with the musicianship of Junior Brown and the flavor of Chuck Berry.

After realizing his dream was to be a country-folk vocalist, Dan decided to pack his bags and head out to the coast. Along the way, he made this album - the fruit of a three-day whirlwind Nashville pilgrimage last summer, boasting first-rate musicians on drums, upright bass, and electric guitar.

Sounds pretty traditional, I know, but in the realm of country, stars often take themselves far too seriously. It’s refreshing to hear these guys employ a bit of playfulness and what I hope is a pseudo-cockiness. For instance, the song “Wake Up Fancy” hinges on a wonderfully silly, self-referential double entendre concerning Dan's greatness. I imagine him pulling away the sheets in the morning, already wearing a pristine pressed white suit and cocking his feathered hat just so in the mirror. Much like the picture on the album cover. Fancy.
- Andre Torrez

"The Post- Rockist - Born Fancy review"

"It’s disarmingly charming, fun, danceable, and memorable. While much of Born Fancy hearkens back to the glory days of Sun Records — the Johnny Cash cadence, the slapback echo, the walking bass lines — it comes off authentically; more like a living, breathing extension of a classic style than mere tribute." - Todd McKenzie -

"Hotel Utah Open Mic"

"Fancy Dan's got some Hank in his voice and some Elvis in his hips, and he writes some great songs. And I'm not even mentioning his genius name."
- J.J. Schultz, Host of the Hotel Utah Open Mic

"SF Hootenany Night"

"The Fancy Dan Band's songs have a bouncy, country-rockabilly sound. But they don’t hit you over the head with hipster retro-ness. They have a friendly engaging style. Just try to keep those toes from tapping or those jaw muscles from breaking into a big ol’ grin."
- Richard Rice, Host of San Francisco Hootenanny Night -


The Fancy Dan Band - Born Fancy (2009 LP)
The Fancy Dan Band - Sing to Survive (2010 LP)



The Fancy Dan Band is an American rock and roll band based in San Francisco, California. Not content to stay in one particular style, The Fancy Dan Band plays a combination of rock & roll, blues, folk, r&b, country, soul, and gospel to make an original sound that is undeniably American. As the son of a preacher and a teacher, Fancy Dan Nordheim grew up around the midwest and got his start in the Michigan garage rock band The Blanks. In 2006, he headed west as a solo artist and eventually formed The Fancy Dan Band with Michael Loebs on guitar, Mark Underwood on bass, Joe Gusich on drums and Fancy's wife Hankerin' Jane Kilmer singing backup vocals. In 2008, the band made a pilgrimage to Nashville and recorded their debut album, Born Fancy, in a whirlwind 3 day session. At the end of 2009, they recorded in their own San Francisco at the legendary Tiny Telephone. Their second album, Sing to Survive, was released in the fall of 2010.