The Fantastic 5

The Fantastic 5

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Although dark, the nature of the songs sustains a sound that is immediately accessible to audiences of all types and the memorable hooks fuel melodies that the listener finds themselves humming again and again.


Spawned in the wasteland better known as Miami, The Fantastic 5 roared onto the death rock scene in 2002 with their debut album ....Saves the Universe; Part One. The band is held in high regard for their legendary super high octane shows. Audiences minds are blown clean by the bands unadulterated blistering live performances driven by the raw edge of guitarist Roxana Camacho's lead guitar, Alex Nelson's gut busting bass, Steve "Dog" Monell's thunderous drums and lead singer Tony Nassif's monumental soaring vocals and ass tight rhythm guitar. The band's latest album, Dead by Easter, joins lead singer Tony's punishing growls with crushing drums to create a disc overflowing with sludgy anthems that drive themselves deep into the heart of the listener. With standout tracks like "Stabbed on the Metrorail", "Automatic Heart," and the title track, and with the band geared up to record more fan favorites like "Ultrasonic" look for The Fantastic 5 to be a major factor in the death rock landscape for years to come.


The Fantastic 5 / Malcontents 7" vinyl split release
The Fantastic 5 Saves the universe part 1
Dead by Easter - coming November 2008

Set List

1.Dead By Easter
2.Stabbed on the Metrorail
3.Homicidal Maniac
4.Debbies a Freak
5.In the Back of a Funeral Car
6.Brooklyn’s Got a Winning Team
7.Saturday Night At the Drive In
9. Automatic Heart
11.Nervous Twitch
12.September Was the Reason
13.Hanging on a Stereo Wire
14.Rocket Racer
15.Summer Haze

the average time for this set is one hour