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"Fusion Snakes Review"

Remember when you could actually dance to rock and roll music? The Fantastic Ooze obviously haven’t forgotten, as their debut CD Fusion Snakes contains some of the finest dance music I have heard in a long time. And this dance music doesn’t rely on computerized beats, synth swells, or ecstasy to put its listener into a booty-shaking trance. The guys in the Ooze wear their groove-heavy influences on their sleeve, as they bring to mind the brilliant UK dance-rock underground that gave us Primal Scream and the Stone Roses. They’re not even afraid to admit their unabashed love of disco, still a pretty daring move for any self-respecting rock band. They actually sound like a neo-garage band like the White Stripes being given dance lessons by David Bowie and Giorgio Moroeder (especially on the frenetic standout track “Radioactive!”). Even in their more atmospheric moments, such as both versions of the winding title track (sounds like Radiohead zapped with a go-go ray), the Fantastic Ooze never let up on their intent to get you out of your chair and move. The band also has style up its ever-shaking ass, from the ’80s-alternative guitar riffs and pounding bass to the intricate drum beats and frontman David Fransen’s hyper faux-British wails. It’s good to be reminded every once and a while that rock does indeed know more moves than the slamdance and the head-bang. With the ten infectious, addictive cuts on Fusion Snakes, the Fantastic Ooze may never let us forget again.

--By Jeremy J. Deibel - OffBeat Magazine

"Fusion Snakes Review"

In a world in which Ringo Starr is a superhero and Barrett a cult oddity, The Fantastic Ooze fit the bill of a truly great underground band. The Fantastic Ooze have emerged from the covertly burgeoning local rock scene. The band taps into a rich vein pulsing with garage, psychedelia, new wave and cerebral punk. From the opening oohs and aahs of first song “You Can’t Turn Off My Magic Suit,” the densely imaginative trippy grooves and roaming background electronic ambience make it evident that these guys are in control of their sound. The song “Craters in the Jet Stream of Joy” possesses an early Floyd-esque creepy nursery melody and doom-laden rhythm transfix, while “Upside Down” comes on like Bowie singing Sister of Mercy over Joy Division playing U2 (sounds terrible but isn’t). One can also detect a rich vein of dark humor running through The Fantastic Ooze’s collective cerebrums. This, when combined with tasty beats, danceable bass lines and trancy electronics, is a killer combination. I’ll see you at the next gig.

-– Ben Rogers - Where Y'at Magazine

"Fusion Snakes - Top 50 Louisiana Albums of 2006"

“With the 10 infectious, addictive cuts on Fusion Snakes, the Fantastic Ooze may never let us forget to dance again.”

--Jeremy J. Deibel, reviewed January 2006

See for full article. - OffBeat Magazine


Fusion Snakes EP
"Radioaactive" and "Craters in the Jetstream of Joy" in rotation at WTUL 91.5 in New Orleans



The Fantastic Ooze's much abbreviated history goes something like this: time begins. Several planets collide sending shock waves and a curious blue goop all across the universe, which in turn causes the magical birth of an enormous, slimy octopus named Octastic. David and Campo, after years of collaboration, decide they'd rather play good music than the shit they had played up to that point. Mike materializes from the ether, riding on the back of the aforementioned Octastic. David, Campo and Mike form a magical triumvirate entitled The Fantastic Ooze through the mystical powers of the blue octopus. They immediately reemerge on the streets of New Orleans as Tha Professa, Camptastic and Dr. Rhythm, respectively. Then a cataclysmic storm comes crashing through their area, forcing our heroes to move on and up. Figuring that if the residents of Brooklyn haven't been able to destroy Brooklyn yet then nothing can, the triumvirate officially reconvened in New York. They now live comfortably (and magically) in a South Williamsburg basement, where they routinely feed kids with tight jeans and ironic T-shirts to Octastic who lives in the shower. Oh yeah, they make some fucking killer music too.