The Fantastiques

The Fantastiques

 Minsk, Minskaya Voblasts╩╝, BLR

Three young men playing expressive garage rock revival with high strung guitar string tension. A driving slab of garage power pop to spin with the top down and the volume up. Loud and hypnotizing LIVE.


The Fantastiques is a psychedelic garage rock power trio from Minsk, Belarus. Started playing together in october'08. In a year (in 2009) they had their first release: "My 1st Car" [EP4] recorded on 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Next few years the band was highly appretiated playing live in their homeland and some other cities of Russia, Ukraine, Poland. And were gaining their audience.

In 2013 The Fantastiques have started new recording sessions and announced an upcoming debute album: "We're very excited. We filled out at least seven reels of tape playing live at studio."


My 1st Car [EP-4]'09

Set List

The Dog Is Blind (4 min.),
With You to the Stratosphere (4),
On Fire (4),
Full Night Long (4+),
Pretty Cool (3+)
Like No Other (4),
Surf-X (3),
My 1st Car (3),
Feel the Fame (3),
No. 1 (3+),
Behind Your Eyes (6),
Favourite Lover (2+),
Tesla (4)...