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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Rock Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Canadiana :: Wizards // The Faps – Split"

"Ex-Moose Javians, The Faps, fill their side with the frenetic kenetics and ramshackle shout-sermons they do best..." - Weird Canada

"The FAPS / Wizards :: Split"

"Split opens with ‘IWSBTAR’ by The FAPS. The song starts with a pensive electric guitar and deep, reflective vocals crooning “I was just / A little less miserable. . .”, before diving into a screeching start with clanging symbols and accenting guitar riffs..."

Article also published here: - RazMataz Magazine

"Making noise without expectations"

"The Faps' EP, Ded Lake, captured the band's gravitation towards loud, punk influences, but demonstrated a knowledge of catchy guitar riffs and drumming that pulls back right before it spins out of control entirely." - MJ Times Herald/FYi

"Saskatoon duo the Faps release their frustrations through music"

Moose Jaw born, Saskatoon based punk garage rock/grindcore duo The Faps are not as angry as they sound on record...

Click link for full story. - LA Beat

"Ded Lake EP Review"

Honestly, I think The Faps’ Ded Lake Ep is the coolest fucking thing on earth. The catch is: nobody else seems to. I played it for this Metal head I work with and he was all like “what the fuck is that shit?” I told him it was The Faps; then he was all like “well it definitely ain’t Bullet for My Valentine;” and If I put it on in the house my old lady’s always rolling her eyes and sayin’ “please, not The Faps again”; but fuck her, she watches Glee and wants to rub mounds with Lana Del Rey.

Everything about this two-piece is awesome. Skyler Cafferrata looks like a combination of Weird Al in the Amish Paradise video and this old homeless guy I met in Puerto Rico that everyone called God; and he uses guitar effects better than Jack White. Blair Colwell looks like the typical, scrawny indie-kid who got picked on in high school only he’s a fiendish drummer and the closest thing Moose Jaw has to a real rock-star; and rock-stars don’t get picked on.

Click link for full review. - Greengrass Radio

"The Faps - A New Take On Pasta Night"

It’s hard to come up with a winning formula when nothing you do is formulaic. There are no blueprints to being in The Faps and writing Fap-worthy material, but somehow, without compromise, The Faps managed to create an outwardly genius and concentrated masterpiece without every really concentrating on anything in particular. Ded Lake was released months ago to stellar reception from the community and a release party was postponed in March. Sunday the 28th brings The Faps back to Moose Jaw for the hometown unveiling of the highly coveted EP. They’ll be backed by a fantastic line-up of Moose Jaw’s moderately famous including PandaCorn and Man and His Machine as well as someone by the name of Gunner whom I can’t find much biographical or geographical information on. I spoke with Skyler Cafferata (guitar) and Blair Colwell (drums) about the music, their parents, and obviously, Tortellini gang bangs.

Click link for full interview. - Greengrass Radio

"Music Haus Saskatoon - Video Interview"

Interview + acoustic performance of 'Tuskany' - Music Haus Saskatoon

"Moose Jaw duo full of lanky weirdness"

Before this weekend I didn’t even know what “Fap” meant. Which is kind of hilarious considering how much I’ve heard this masturbatory noise over the past couple of decades.

The Faps, a lovingly-named duo hailing from Moose Jaw, have released Ded Lake, a five-song EP that will be made available in both physical formats and for download.

The EP somehow manages to capture the duo’s propensity for playing titty-twister with genre mash-ups and their overall general lanky weirdness. The songs veer indiscriminately in between punk, sludge and lo-fi noise rock without any disregard for innocent bystanders. Which, of course, is all part of their master plan, says guitarist Skyler Cafferata.

“We’ve always been drawn towards anything that tears down barriers within genres – Q and not U, Tom Waits, Liars, Man Man, Nick Cave to name a few,” he says. “So we wanted to make music that represented who we are.

“Also, weird inside jokes, true stories and copious amounts of alcohol help get the creativity flowing.”

I wonder how much it would take to get them to cover “I Touch Myself” by The Divinyls. Irony! - Ominocity

"Faps departing on western tour; EP due out shortly"

Click link for digital copy of publication - page 19 - MJ Times Herald/FYi

"Something is Fappening..."

The Faps are bottled chaos; a sickeningly fun batch of riot punch. Not so much a band, but an inane experience, and one any drunken bohemian should hope to encounter as you crawl between pubs and pints in the various music venues in Saskatchewan.

This twosome, hailing from a couple buttfuck-nowheres in the big muddy, play scathing, rapid, often humorous punk numbers which shatter all pretense of what a band hailing from Saskatchewan should sound like. Shunning contemporaries who root their music in the cliched folk psychedelia popularized by bands like Fleet Foxes or the Sheepdogs, The Faps instead barrage and entice their audience with a punk oriented sound, which could easily be the score to a dance party or Campy 80’s horror movie, witnessed under the effects of a potent rat poison.

Often compared to bands outside of their realm of experience, Blair Colwell (Drums/Vocals) and Skyler Cafferata (Guitar/Vocals) have discovered a ridiculous and original sound; a conglomeration of their sketch-head influences, half-baked ideas, and nonsensical notions. When Cafferata looks down his fretboard there is no doubt that what he sees is far more absurd than anything Alice saw when peering through the looking glass, letting no idea stagnate, but ensuring that every hook dick-slaps you across the face. Colwell anchors the band in its erratic reality, with dynamic fills which usher you from the quietest spacey moments to the pounding wrath of their sleaziest and sketchiest compositions. Their songwriting partnership has yielded a wild collection of songs, rooted in all that is ironic, irritating, or just plain dumb, Cafferata’s howling voice belonging on A.M. radio, and Colwell wrecking his voice nightly in a way that curdles the blood as it runs through your veins.

Leaving no subject untainted, the duo whimsically write about anything, from monsters to harlots; one signature track, “Opposites” is a menacing glance at a serial killer who plagued the streets of Victorian London, while the crowd favourite “No Girl on Girl” is a spiteful tongue-in-cheek ode to the Devil’s Threesome - “All trail, no treasure / No thank you, my good sir.”

This is not a band for the faint of heart, disinterested pundits flowering the walls instead of the dance floor, or anyone who wants to leave their eardrums intact. The Faps manage to encapsulate all you would expect of a band named for the onomatopoeic sound of a man masturbating, and leave you scratching your head while you stumble home drunk, trying to hum their infectious melodies over the relentless ringing in your ears. - Mr. Peters

"Moose Jaw is home to some crazy stuff. Case in point: The Faps"

"Listening to their debut EP (ded lake) can be a bit challenging, as it alternates from Nirvana-esque (Bleach-era) screeching to, well, other kinds of punk rock screeching..." - The Revue (49 Above)


Split 7" w/ Wizards (Sept 2014)

  2. Trophy Wives

'ded lake EP' (Feb/Mar 2013)

  1. Wet Tom Jones
  2. Tuskany
  3. Opposites
  4. Tortellini Gang Band
  5. NO Girl on Girl!
  6. Opposites (detract)

Runk Adminorer Demo (July 2012)

  1. NO Girl on Girl!
  2. Dragonflys (Devendra Banhart cover)



Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been creating music together for years, developing a sound that is both broad and focused. Between the two of them, artistic influences are vast, but collide amongst Nick Cave, Modest Mouse, and Daughters. Their brand of fast, heavy music is rooted in post-punk and indie rock, but flirts with hardcore, blues, jazz, psych, and pop. Often built on quick danceable rhythms and catchy guitar lines, their songs showcase an affinity for experimenting with structure – timings, key changes, or total mood shifts. While this may paint a messy and absurd picture, the vicious guitar-and-drum vessel of The Faps keeps an intriguing sense of familiarity, no matter how wild and erratic the sound becomes. This concept of contrast is a common element in their musical endeavours, always maintaining a balance; beauty versus hideousness, harmony versus dissonance, steadfast yet loose.

Having toured Canada extensively since their inception in July 2012, The Faps are at home on the road and on the stage. Their unconventional punk rock performance has been captivating audiences in clubs, pubs, halls, basements, and even back alleys. As if their raw, high energy sound wasn’t engaging enough, the crowds can’t help but love their honest, witty stage presence – both Cafferata and Colwell truly value connecting on a personal level with fans and have no trouble making everyone in the room feel warm, welcome, and excited.

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