The Farplane

The Farplane


“The Farplane". A collaborative effort of top Canadian rock talent. Technical, dynamic, melodic & edgy hard rock/metal in the style of Evanescence, Metallica & Dream Theater. Self-titled debut CD/EP released in Nov. 2009; Engineered by Mike Turner, Mixed by Mark Makoway & Mastered by Joao Carvalho.


“The Farplane".

The band.

The music.

A collaborative effort of top Canadian rock talent. The EP features the primary songwriting talents of newcomers Kat Colbourn on Vocals, Keyboard/Piano, and Chris G. on Guitars. The self-titled EP was engineered by Mike Turner of Crash Karma and (formerly) Our Lady Peace, mixed by Mark Makoway (Moist & Evan's Blue), and mastered by João Carvalho (Matthew Good, Evan's Blue, Marianas Trench et. Al.).

Although a freshman effort from the band, their debut record reads like the pages of a mid- career explosion.

Born from the inspiration of the production environment fostered by Mari Dew (Sounds and Sights) through Mike Turner during the 2009 sessions recorded at Toronto's illustrious and modernized The Pocket Studios (responsible for unleashing such talent as Evan's Blue and Rains), the band found it's studio roots driven by professional contractual rhythmic performances from Joe Pitter on bass (Evan's Blue & Rains), and Jason Pierce (The Neverending White Lights & Shiloh) on drums. As hired guns, they had no rivals for the sessions, and given their hard rock roots and proven track record for belting phenomenal performances, the duo formed the solid backbone found on the debut EP.

One pass through the album yields the same result: no one can argue that as musicians, the members of "The Farplane" are definite virtuosos in a time when being accomplished artists seemingly means so little. They are inquisitive and never fully satisfied with their own work. The songwriting is mature and complex despite their youth. They seek to grow and improve every day, regardless of the obstacles or costs involved.

As independent artists and musical souls, both Kat Colbourn and Chris G. have had similar paths, and were clearly destined to meet at some point. Kat formed her first band before she left High School and was destined for a career in music by the tender age of 17. Since that time, she has continued to build a strong following as an in-demand live performer known for her charismatic and demure stage presence as well as her virtuoso vocal ability. Classically trained by renowned Canadian tenor Mitch Seekins, she has been compared to Amy Lee of Evanescence, Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, coupled with the energetic reach of Lizzy Hale of Halestorm. As Kat attests, "Once I decided that music would be my career, I was completely dedicated to becoming a pro. Working with Mitch for the past 6 years has brought my range to a height I would never have thought to attain."

A major moment in Kat's career evolution happened when she met like-minded artist, songwriter, and fellow technician Chris G., who auditioned for a lead guitar spot in a band she was playing with during the summer of 2004. The two instantly hit it off on more than one level and decided that fate had more in store for them. They decided to part ways with their current band mates and start writing together. The next monumental development came by way of Kat's decision to attend Berklee College of Music's extension program. She graduated from the Music Business Program in 2007 and has put the knowledge she acquired from working with industry professionals like George Howard in a modernized forum to good use in the duo's already brief, but remarkable start-up.

By strange co-incidence Chris G. began playing guitar at 17 years of age and has never looked back. Inspired by a passionate love of all things "shred" like Joe Satriani, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, and Eddie Van Halen, he began to develop his natural performance talent and guitar chops right from the get go by teaching himself to play using instructional DVDs and magazines. By his late 20's, Chris G. had already honed his craft, but like his partner, he made a similar career and life altering decision to attend Berklee College of Music's extension program. His chosen domain was the Technical Guitar Performance Program. "I knew there was absolutely no question I wanted to do this. Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen changed the way I approached song writing and performing. I had to learn to do it properly and Berklee was the answer to that missing link. I was taught by the best of the best, Larry Baione, Rick Peckham, Michael Williams, Bruce Saunders, Matt Marvuglio and Edward Tomassi to name a few. You just can't quantify those experiences as a musician and student. Totally unreal and I'm forever in their debt for what they passed on to me."

Since then, there has been no looking back for the founding members of "The Farplane".

Kat and Chris reconnected with Jason during his off touring responsibilities with Shiloh. Joe was unavailable for further contract work given his obvious responsibilities with his own band, so the duo looked towards Jason to help connect them with renown bassist and session artist Dave McMillan. Having a long running and friendly relationship for over 15 years, Kat and Chris were able to persuade fellow axeman and s


"The Farplane" - Self titled debut EP/CD - released November 2009

"Alone" and "Embers To Ashes" (first and second album single) in regular and current rotation on KNAK Boston, LA, Toronto and

Set List

Current set list:

1. Embers To Ashes
2. Denial
3. Alone
4. The Light
5. The Kill (optional/cover)
6. Goodbye
7. Man In A Box (optional/cover)
8. Strange
9. The Dharma Initiative

Approx. play time for full 9 song set is 45 minutes. Entire band catalog can run 1 hour 30 minutes if necessary.