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(The Farstar has) Clean, well written and captivating pop pieces that resound with plenty of rock tinge. It's easy (and lazy) to write them off as a "good pop band", but their songwriting talents easily break through that ceiling with an aggressive, driven pop with edge, from a band yet to peak creatively. Your emo girlfriend digs them (and so do I) because they do emo the old way, when it was quirky, smartly sarcastic and more atmospheric. (Ayo- KDGE 102.1 FM, Dallas Morning News/Quick). - Dallas Morning News/Quick

Sounding as they do (like a very British Indie band) you can close your eyes and hear The Cure jamming with Editors or Michael Stipe fronting Elbow. The Farstar have definitely crafted their sound down to a fine art, their post modern indie sound has subtle layers of guitar and piano and enough clever production tricks to give the songs warmth and texture, The vocals are often fragile and passionate, but it doesn’t sound contrived as it has the character and charm to enhance and lift all of the songs. I would strongly recommend a listen. They look and definitely sound the definite article. Strong songs well made. 5 out of 6 stars. (Drumhead- Music Review Magazine, Dublin Ireland) - Music Review Magazine

FARSTAR "Back to Life": A very well recorded and mixed EP. Very nice instrument separation mixed with easy listening vocals and great effects. I Love the intro on "Never Been to New York". I like all the songs on this CD, but my favorite is "Waking Up 2:15". I can’t wait to see this band live. (Music Scene Magazine). - Music Scene Magazine

Genre-defying Farstar doesn’t have an agenda. The band members don’t have a formula, a standard riff or even a regular routine. The members don’t want to limit their possibilities with categorizing their sound under genres that force people to have a preconception of what they do. (Jennifer Robinson- Denton Record Chronicle).

They (The Farstar) piece together a cohesive record on which no two songs sound alike, yet none sounds outside their sonic identity. They write accessible, sometimes-catchy songs that you'll find yourself enjoying in your head hours later. (Joel Thomas-

This band (The Farstar) truly defines great music. It’s pure, true and straightforward rock with a little pop touch to it. It’s very unique and beautiful. The music is amazing, everything you could hope for. (Justin Pryor-

The FARSTAR’s modern pop-rock approach actually sounds more British to me. Of course, that is because a lot of the bands I’d compare them to come from England. Me? I’ll listen to it again. ( - Various

The FARSTAR was awarded: Four time winner “Track of the Day”, winner “Track of the Week” and winner of Best: “Male Vocals, Production, Drums, Beat, Bass, Melody, Lyrics, Mood and Rocking Track” multiple times on

“Local Licks- Featured Band of the week” on: KBRQ The Bear FM (Waco, TX).,“Editors Pick” on, and “Spotlight Artist of the Month” in Music Scene Magazine. Often cited as a: “Pegasus Pick” on, “Five to see Live” in QuickDFW and “Justin’s Picks” in Dallas Observer/Ft. Worth Weekly.

The Farstar’s music has appeared in: Wingstop Commercial “Teriyaki Rules” starring Cowboy’s/Hall of Fame/Sports Announcer quarterback Troy Aikman. Acoustic Chaos Compilation CD “Live at the Lounge Volume 2”. “The Door Compilation 2004” CD. Independent Film “Celebrity Cult” and several more upcoming films currently in production.

The Farstar has performed at: Warner Brothers Label Showcase, Dallas Music Festival, New Music Festival, North Texas Music Festival, KEGL Local Show, Pegasus News Showcase, Bodog Battle of the Bands, Local Show, Sobe/Hard Rock Cafe Battle of the Bands, Sports Illustrated/Toyota Anniversary Tour, Reno’s Battle of the Bands, Deep Relief (Hurricane Katrina), Bodog Music Battle, Pegasus News Music Showcase, Texoma Summer Music Festival, Defcon Convention and many more.

The Farstar has received spins on: WFNX- Boston, WNNX- Atlanta, WKRL- Syracuse, KEGL- Dallas, KDGE- Dallas, WWDC- Washington DC, WZTA- Miami, WRAX- Birmingham, WBSX- Hazleton, WARQ- Columbia, KFTE- Breaux Bridge, WXNR- Grifton, KPNI- Dallas, KFTP Houston, KVRX Austin, KBRQ- Waco and many more. - Various

The EP “Back to Life” contains the single “Waking Up 2:15” Here is what they are saying all around the world about the song.

AT LAST Aah, at last, very professional sounding track, would expect to hear this on the radio. There’s an American sound, especially the choruses. Well done. Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) Melbourne, Australia.

EXCELLENT Sounds like the Cure, good dance tune and I like it very much. This song is one of the best one's I’ve heard so far. Keep it up; you guys are definitely on the right track. Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) Los Angeles, California.

GOOD I like the retro bass line, great hook and overall an excellent sounds like The Killers. Everything works well with great production; I can hear this on the radio. Garageband Reviewer (October 2007) Melbourne, Australia.

HOOKED This song (including the lyrics) is one long gigantic hook. The rhythm is very tight and the guitar work is very controlled not drifting off the beat, but sitting just right. The sound has great guitar work, great vocals, and great backbeat. Love it! Garageband Reviewer (October 2007) Glasgow, Scotland.

INFECTIOUS BEAT Cool melody with great drums, and a very danceable rhythm and beat. This would be a great club tune. Nice use of the synth. Yeah, love the hook and great ending. It’s just the right length to pull you in, keep you rockin and make you want to hear it again. Good job. Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) Chicago, Illinois.

NEO-NEW-WAVE It’s a tight and clean modern-rock sound that looks back to the '80s for inspiration. It reminds me of the likes of the Killers and the Bravery. There’s solid songwriting, good playing, and really nice production. Good work! Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) Canada.

NICE Excellent intro. Nice orchestration with excellent guitar work. The vocal is superb. Chorus is very well contracted. Nice song. Original sound. Garageband Reviewer (November 2007) Paris, France.

REALLY COOL You guys are sick; I would so go to one of your shows. Your singer is sick and the band sounds great. It has that Depeche Mode mixed with like Simple Plan. It’s a weird combination, but it sounds good. Garageband Reviewer (November 2007) Toronto, Canada.

READY TO ROLL Great intro! The vocals come in perfectly, and the chorus is catchy. The arrangement is right on the money. The musicianship is tight and tasty, and the vocalist is great! Sounds like it's already in rotation on someone’s radio show. Garageband Reviewer (November 2007) Phoenix, Arizona.

THE SOUND OF NOW…AND THEN Nice bouncy intro with unexpected changes and rock elements. It's got a very current vibe generally with a bit more steady rock to it. The production is polished. There's a mix of 80s post punk and nu-metal half speed going on. It’s a nice mix that I imagine will appeal to rock and indie kids alike. Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) United Kingdom.

VERY REFRESHING The Song has a great beat to it. The music didn't get stale at all, it sounded fresh the whole way through, definitely a song to make its way onto my play-list. Garageband Reviewer (January 2008) California, U.S.A.

WAKING UP 2:15 I like the melody. It’s simple as most great songs are, but effective. Some guitar work sound like U2 a bit...mostly around the chorus. The rhythm is perfect for the song. Up tempo-ish enough to keep me interested, and not too up-tempo so that the singer can pronounce the words and actually sing. The sound is good. Garageband Reviewer (September 2007) Canada. -


"Broken Down and Wandering" (2003 Crucible Artists) produced by Centro-Matic drummer Matt Pence (Best Producer/Dallas Observer).

"Back to Life E.P." (2008) co-produced by the Farstar and Salim Nourallah (Best Producer, Song and Artist/Dallas Observer, Old 97s Producer).

"Live at the Curtain Club" (2009 internet only) self produced.

"Never Been to New York" (music video 2009) directed by Sam Fuller.



Shannon and Zech have been playing in each other’s music projects since their teens. After dozens of drummers and bassists in and out, Lance and Michael joined the band and added the needed cementation with Chris to follow a few years later.

The members share a love of diverse and challenging bands such as Radiohead, the Killers, Sunny Day Real Estate, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, R.E.M., The Cure, Flaming Lips, Pavement, Faith No More, Foo Fighters, Guns and Roses, Metallica, My Bloddy Valentine, Hall and Oates and the Smiths.

The band has been receiving rave reviews here and abroad. The songs are featured on various compilations, independent films and commercials. The band has additionally achieved airplay on many radio stations and podcasts from Ireland to Austin.

Refusing to only play in a garage, or just put songs up on Myspace or Youtube, the band takes winning over audiences seriously. The group shares the stage at showcases, festivals and charity functions with acts as diverse as Blue October and Brides of Destruction.