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The Fascination
The Fascination

I initially found The Fascination’s brand of new-wave pop to be schmaltzy, homogenized and arriving a little too late. But then something funny happened after a few listens. Songs like “Do You Know What I Mean?” and “Here’s to You” burrowed through my ears into my brain like those fucked-up bugs in Star Trek II.

And then, just as I was about to slag frontman Robin Nicholl off for singing in a fake British accent, I find out the guy’s actually from Britain. Damn it! If these guys lived in London, there’d be bidding wars, NME covers and hipster tastemakers blogging about what drummer Merwan Luck was doing with his hair this week. So fine, The Fascination may sometimes be derivative as all hell, but damn it if they don’t write a catchy tune!
—Seth Combs


The Fascination plays Saturday, July 12, at The Epicentre.
- San Diego City Beat

We are the featured artist on Mysapce Brazil for the week of Monday the 25th of February, 2008-Monday the 3rd of March, 2008. - Myspace


"Modern" 5 song ep, self released in winter 2006.

"The Fascination" Full length album released 5.13.08

"We Can Take Care of Our Own" 7 song EP released 4.14.09



1: the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror) [syn: captivation]
2: a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual [syn: captivation, enchantment, enthrallment]


The Fascination is a three-piece comprised of a British immigrant, a native San Diegan, and a southern boy from South Carolina. They live in San Diego where they play music for hipsters who pretend to not like them… that’s how it works there.
They plan on success and fame and a following of millions. Selling their bottled sweat and locks of hair have proven to be the largest money makers so far, but in the future- action dolls, lunch boxes and bed sheets are all in the works

The Fascination sounds like The Cure playing Oasis songs with just a pinch of Bowie sprinkled in. Their musical influences are: Manchester, broken homes, the Beatles, love, hate, chicks, Black Sabbath, 31G, Factory, and alcohol, etc.

The Fascination would love to cash in on the fact that they write catchy pop tunes cunningly disguised as “indie” songs. They would like nothing more then to own large houses on the beach that they never get to sleep in because of their hectic world-touring schedule. They would love to hear their songs behind some horrible poorly-acted break-up scene in the next big 8pm teen drama on Fox. They look forward to selling out.

They are fully aware that there was once an all girl American vocal group in the 1960’s called “The Fascinations” formed by Shirley Walker and Mather Reeves who became moderately popular in the English “Northern Soul” scene of the time…. We sound nothing like them and have no “s.”