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The Fast Breakin’ Classics – Heist City

Review by: Kyrby Raine

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Apr 5, 2005

Brace yourself for one of the most original hip-hop albums in more than a decade, a relentlessly energetic and spellbindingly creative debut LP that breathes life into a woefully dying genre. Bursting with unbridled, youthful enthusiasm and love for life, New York’s the Fast Breakin’ Classics bravely downplay sampling and strap on real instruments – and not the increasingly tiresome rap-rock fusion, either. No, the FBC plays real funk, sweat-soaked late ‘60s/early ‘70s grooves that would’ve rocked the ghetto three decades ago.

Loading their arsenal with guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, congas, and even trumpets, the FBC jam their way through Heist City with no pause in the action. The songs smoothly strut into each other as the group sizzles with the confidence of James Brown in his prime. Even music fans that despise rap will find themselves unable to pull away from the infectious hooks these guys concoct. Chemistry is the key, and the FBC sound like a real band, not a hip-hop collective.

It’s often said that the greatest appeal of rap is in the words but, frankly speaking, there aren’t many people who’ll notice the lyrics on Heist City simply because the music is so compelling. This band must really smoke live to create this much fire in the studio. ‘A1,’ ‘Radio No Play,’ and ‘Spending Money’ are bright, hilarious, and completely different than anything on hip-hop stations, finding the missing link between classic R&B and contemporary rap. Even the instrumentals, such as the appropriately named ‘Punch,’ aren’t B-side throwaways. In fact, they’re just as entertaining as the tracks with vocals.

- Kyrby Raine

"editors pick"

The Fast Breakin' Classics - Heist City
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A big ole siz-piece hip-hop funk group called Fast Breakin’ Classics is responsible for reinventing hip-hop and adding a whole new flavor to it. You can hear the influences of a variety of funk from the ‘70’s. But perhaps the best track standout is “Punch” with the sample of “I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell” from the Saturday Night Live skit about Blue Oyster Cult from guest Christopher Walken. Their samples add a whole lot to their songs but the lyric spitting that their MC does gives it that glamorous veneer that only truly conscious hip-hop can harvest.

- J-Sin - j. Sin

"Fast Breakin' Classics"

'Fast Breakin' Classics'
'Heist City'

- Label: 'Positronic Records'
- Genre: 'Hip-Hop' - Release Date: '2005'

Our Rating:

Sometimes a record can leave me speechless, as if my tongue was torn from my mouth during a moment of profound amazement. It was this reaction that Fast Breakin' Classics' "Heist City" immediately gave me. Just when I had given up on hip-hop - the gold chains and gangsta cliches were beyond tiresome - appears this six-man powerhouse from New York City. If you can imagine the Doors collaborating with James Brown on a rap record, then that is what you can expect from this startlingly good and consistently inventive disc.

Every track on this album seems carefully crafted yet the energy remains spontaneous; it is a blast from beginning to end, utilizing real '60s instrumentation to provide a happening, utterly fab backdrop to the dopest rhymes in years. It'll be hard to top this as the party album of the year. My jaded ears feel revived after being cleansed with the artistic bravery on display here; the grooves pound with full force, and the boys take no prisoners. This CD will make you feel good, no doubt about it.
- Whisperin and Hollerin in UK

"east coast Hip Hop reviews"

Review of Fast Breakin' Classics Heist City by Barry Andrews

From Manchester, England on 1st Feb 2005

User Ratings

Other Artists Listened To James Brown, Parliament, A Tribe Called Quest
Value for money
Overall rating 10/10
Recommended: Yes

Good Points:
Outstanding production, refreshingly different sounds, top-notch rapping, infectious energy, excellent use of real instruments

Bad Points:

General Comments:
Forget the Beastie Boys.

Fast Breakin' Classics are the new rulers of New York City, a hybrid of sweaty funk and old-school hip-hop with a dollop of vintage '60s-'70s music that opens uncharted musical avenues. This is a groundbreaking record that easily slams the competition into the dirt. First of all, the boys actually play instruments, and their chemistry is intoxicating; secondly, they know how to rap, their words flowing like ocean tides. I haven't had this much fun since I lived in a college dorm which is, I think, where this no-holds-barred spring break fun of a record is going to get the most spins. Pick to click: "Spending Money." It won't be long before this baby blows up on the radio. - reviewcentre

"FAst Breakin Classics Heist City review"

OUR REVIEW (feel free to quote it anywhere!)
From the first to the last beat, you'll be waiting with attentive
expectation as these are the type of tracks you want to live with,
drink in and zone out to. Both lyrically and musically there's more
going on that you can absorb in one or two listens- a mark of
excellent, above the norm hip hop. Weaving in everything from
standard hip hop to jazz and blues, The Fast Breakin Classics have
got one thing down- they have absolutely no problem putting together
hard-hitting, juicy and substantial hip hop dishes, serving up
commendable variety in all twelve tracks. Whether you eat, breathe
and drink hip hop or can just barely stand it, "Heist City" is an
album to take note of.

When quoting the review, please just credit it to, "CD Baby", because
sometimes the review is written by Tamara Turner, sometimes Pamela
Rooney, sometimes me.
- CDBABY-world wide distribution


Heist City
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Yes, we are now in circulation on radio AOL and we have international radio air play at radiopinoyusa WRMN in New Jersey,WKEXP in Seattle,indie 103.1 in L.A. And now on radio circulation in Montreal.


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The six-piece hip-hop/funk group Fast Breakin’ Classics from Staten Island, NYC are veterans of the NYC underground hip-hop scene. Often compared to De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, the band plays real instruments, drawing upon late ‘60s and early ‘70s funk, soul, and R&B influences to create a cool nightclub-like atmosphere that overflows with pure energy. Pushing the boundaries of hip-hop, Fast Breakin’ Classics combines old-school aesthetics with a courageous and outrageous look at the future of music.
Advance promo copies are receiving high praise in the U.K. “Startlingly good and consistently inventive,” raved British music critic Adam Harrington of Whisperin & Hollerin. “The grooves pound with full force.” Barry Andrews from the U.K.-based Review Centre praised Fast Breakin’ Classics as “the new rulers of New York City, a hybrid of sweaty funk and old-school hip-hop with a dollop of vintage '60s-'70s music that opens uncharted musical avenues.”
Completely devoid of hip-hop clichés, Heist City is relentless; giving listeners little pause as each hook-laden track smoothly segues into one another. Released on the independent label Positronic Records (, Heist City cleverly bends its retro influences into a progressive, individual vision that captures the group’s unique and infectious live attack.