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Two years ago, Jen Allen, Lin Elder and Lori Reid were charting remarkably similar career paths as solo artists. But ever since a decidedly fateful meeting at a Banff festival in the summer of 2003, the three singer/songwriters have been endearing themselves to fans of sophisticated folk-pop clear across Canada under the collective auspices of The Fates.
And judging by the resounding buzz afforded the trio's '40 debut CD, 'Til We Have Faces, the future of this talented amalgamate appears, uh, fated to be bright.
Upon banding togehter, Allen, Elder and Reid wasted no time in establishing the group's musical dynamics, particularly the rich harmonies that have become a trademark of The Fates. Within a few short months, the band was hunkered down in a Calgary recording studio laying down tracks with the help of renowned Cowtown musicians like veteran bass player Mike Lent and keyboardist Sheldon Zandboer. The fruits of those efforts saw release last March and 'Til We Have Faces has been garnering all sorts of kudos ever since.
Individually, the members of The Fates are no strangers to critical acclaim, Allen, for instance, has a pair of independently released CD's to her credit (Something to Say and If I Fall), both of which have enjoyed rave reviews. Elder, meanwhile, garnered a considerable amount ofmusic-biz interest with her solo debut, One Beautiful Wife, ultimately securing a major-label distribution deal with polygram. Reid's soulful solo studio effort Radio met with plenty of praise as well.
Although they each came to The Fates' table as solo artists, working alongside others is no foreign concept to the trio's elements. Allen has shared stages with such esteemed artists as Taj Mahal and Shawn Colvin, while Elder's CV features lengthy stints with Jann Arden's backing band and membership in progrssive pop unit of yore, Grace Under Pressure. Reid, meanwhile has put in studio time with Grammy-winning producer John Sorenson, best known for his work with Beck and the Rolling Stones. - The Prarie Dog- Feb 3, 2005

'Trio of local artists realize a harmonius convergence on 'Til We Have Faces'

Sometimes the fates conspire for something special.
For Jenny Allen it happened one night when she and fellow songwriter Lin Elder were taking a break fron their own solo careers and their quartet, The Collective, to perform as a duo in Banff.
Fellow Alberta artist Lori Reid was the opening act.
"We thought, 'Wow, she's great,' " remembers Allen, sitting in a local coffeeshop. "If we were ever looking for someone else, wouldn't she be great?"
That opportunity would come sooner than they thought when their partners in The Collective-Anne Loree and Natasha Stoesser-left the fold.
Allen says they held auditions, but it quickly became apparent that Reid was the missing piece and the lineup for the newly minted and newly named act The Fates was set.
Listening to the trio's debut, 'Til We Have Faces, which they release tonight with a show at The Ironwood, the wisdom of that decision becomes apparent.
The disc features the three women performing together on one another's material-harmonizing beautifully on tracks that range from folk to pop to jazz, and sometimes a combo of all.
Over the years each has proven how incredibly talented she is, but now, as The Fates, they've proven together they might just be invincible.
At least Allen thinks so.
"I think it has potential because it's fresh, it's new," she says before acknowledging it's also fairly popular thanks to acts such as The Be Good Tanyas.
"There are a lot of female vocal groups out there now especialy in the folk music scene...
"People really like that, they like to see collaborations, like Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. That's a great example of three individual performers that have come together and created something that's bigger than what they are on their own.
"I think that's what we've done here and I just have a really good feeling about it." - The Calgary Sun, Saturday, March 13, 2004

Grammy-worthy vocal trio The Fates returns to Duncan for two shows this week.
Jenny Allen, Lori Reid and Lin Elder will play Wednesday's show in Duncan city square as part of the Duncan-Cowichan Summer Festival.
They head to the Duncan Garage Showroom for Thursday's gig.
During both dates, the self-deprecating ladies will likely perform tunes from their CD 'Til We Have Faces during plenty of stage humour and shared inside jokes.
The Fates last played the Garage in May, gaining more fans since their two shows here last July.
Guitarists Allen, Elder and Reid take turns backing each other on their respective tunes with precious few covers tossed in, such as The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams.
Allen's powerhouse vocals are complemented by Reid's honey-laced pipes and Elder's sultry, seductive voice, blending into a sound that has to be heard to be described.
Their experiential material includes heartfelt messages about suicide (Solid), hope (Sister Mary), heartbreak (Let It Go and Cryin'), betrayal (Tricky), and regret (Pale Girl).
Warning: The Fates' music can become quickly addictive. - The Pictorial, Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Fates
'til We Have Faces
*Jenny Allen, Lin Elder and Lori Reid together on one smooth and sweet album with kickass assistance from engineer Dave Alcock.

A trio of musical babes. Sweet songs and Julep harmonies. Voices of angels and something to say with pipes of gold and moonlight.
Taking turns while poets drift in to lend thought to lyrics-help from Sherri-D Wilson and Danielle French. Top sirens.
Too much talent to put into words.
Strumming sadly sometimes anger and softness. Wear the same, smooth sound, but ther's beauty where there's power and this powerful beauty is addictive after a sixth spin it sticks to your disc player an' I know one thing for sure, I don't wanna take it off and listen to some lesser sound. Amen.

**** out of five stars - Fast Forward Magazine, Calgary, AB - July 01- July 07 2004

Northern Lights Folk Club/ The Blue Chair Cafe

From the moment 'the fates' took the stage, the audience was totally captivated by their harmonies. Jenny Allen, Lin Elder and Lori Reid deliciously fed off of each other's enthusiasm, each taking the lead vocals on the songs they penned. Lin Elder's chameleon-like bouncing back and forth from guitar player to percussionist got my attention. (She plays a serious djembe.) Jenny put on a show of her own, changing a broken guitar string mid song, still maintaining her vocal focus.
The voices that 'the fates' are blessed with were worth the price of admission. Lori's lead invited Jenny and Lin to tweak each song, satisfying your appetite, yet leaving you craving your next fix.

The next fix would be Friday, February 11th at the Blue Chair Cafe. After a few friends and I had a healthy dinner from Harold's slowly-becoming-famous menu, (just ask 'the fates'), Lin , Lori and Jenny went on shortly after 8:00 pm.
After practically wering out their CD, 'til we have faces', I was much more prepared and appreciative of what was in store. It was not a challenge for them to play a smaller venue with a smaller sound system. The more intimate setting had the audience totally consumed with 'the fates'. Lin's, "Sister Mary" and "Tricky" energized the crowd. Perhaps the most vocally perfect offering was, "Mathews Birds" (written by Jenny Allen and Danielle French). The song I most enjoyed was a more funkier, blusier version of, "Farmer", from Lori's solo CD, "Radio".
It seemed they appealed to all ages as a 6-month old in the audience,(on her best behavior), also enjoyed the night, jamming vocally on more than one song.
As this is written, I've had two dates with 'the fates'. My next fix... March 10th at the Sidetrack Cafe! - Rhythm & Views Newsletter, Edmonton, AB - March 2005,

Lori Reid's experience has, of late, been a good one. As one third of folk-pop Calgary band 'The Fates', she explains that the three just kind of fell into each other's laps.
"The chemistry was just there- not even on a musical level," she says about her 2003 chance meeting with Lin Elder and Jenny Allen (who were playing together at a gig where Reid was also performing). "When we played music, that was the confirmation."
A year later, The Fates already have a CD to promote- you're not dealing with amateurs here. Elder and Allen have been in the buisiness for twenty years, and Reid for fifteen.
Their recording includes a swingin' cover of the Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams," a song all three had been seperately performing for years at their respective live shows.
Coincidence...? - SEE Magazine, Edmonton, AB July1- July 7 2004

'Threesome's material the sonic equivalent of an eiderdown quilt"

For much of the '90's, Lin Elder spent her time performing on some of the finest concert-hall stages in Canada and Europe.
But by the new millenium, the singer's fortunes had so radically changed that-for a time- she felt her life as a performing artist wqs over.
Years of working as a member of Jann Arden's band had given way to sporadic gigs as a solo artist, despite a well-received 1998 solo album titled One Beautiful Wife. The former Edmontonian had also packed her fair share of local venues in the '80's as the lead singer for Grace Under Pressure.
"I remember standing at a sports store where I was buying a gift and was asked to fill out a membership form. When it came to occupation, I filled in the space with realtor. It was tough to acknowledge."
As fate would have it, Elder's days on the stage were not behind her. A handful of no-pressure gigs with singer/songwriter Jenny Allen has evolved into a full-time project that finds the two vocalists warbling with Lori Reid.
Christened The Fates, Elder, Allen and Reid have released a beautiful-sounding album of largely original material that sounds like the sonic version of an eiderdown quilt.
Throughout the disc, wonderfully layered harmonies gently fall together, cushioned by the sympathetic backing of Mike Lent's upright bass and the spray from Lyle Molzan's brushes on drums and cymbals.
"Jenny and I auditioned 10 singers and then remembered Lori was living up in Banff. We went to visit her and within minutes of singing together, we knew this was the combination we were looking for," says Elder.
Tonight, Elder and her bandmates kick off the increasingly popular Patio Series out at Festival Place in Sherwood Park. It is the first performance by The Fates in Edmonton since the group played Junofest.
Working with a collection of original songs that have been created from a palette that houses a broad range of emotion, The Fates at times sound like a female version of vintage Crosby, Stills and Nash.
"We're very pleased with the way we're performing as a trio, but we are slowly stitching a touring band together," says Elder, who is thrilled that material from the 'Til We Have Faces album is starting to gather significant spins in markets as far away as Ottawa and the West Coast.
- The Edmonton Journal, Culture, July 7th, 2004


1) "Til We Have Faces" independent release March 2004
#39 CKUA top 100 of 2004

Available through

"Heal Me" track12 - #53 on Mountain FM's Top 100 Countdown of 2005

2) "slam" the fates live. Released March 2006
available exclusivley on and at fates performances!

3) ***latest release***
"therapy" independent released March 2008
#2 Album of 2008 on CKUA
'Can't Let Go' charted in at #86 on 97.7 Calgary FM
top 97 singles of 2008



"the fates are like a sonic version of an eiderdown quilt." -Peter North, Edmonton Journal

Blending their individual styles, Lori Reid, Lin Elder and Jenny Allen have united to create something magical- a veritable "supergroup" of some of the best female singer/songwriters in Canada. Their debut CD, "'til we have faces", explores a myriad of feelings and moods, supported by signature harmonies, strong musicianship and poetic sensibilities.

The group has been coined "a groovin' female version of Crosby, Stills and Nash", touching on their unique arrangements and outstanding harmonies.. This sensual album, with elements of alternative pop, jazz and soul, is an open, honest portrayal of life, love and the fates that be. Their live performance is in another realm. Feedback from fans demonstrates that experiencing a live show leaves people buzzing, prompting one reviewer to comment, "These guitar slinging goddesses put on a hot show that is chillingly good!" Good things happen in threes and the fates are true alchemy.