The Fault

The Fault


They nail the hooks as "Semi-spooky, demi-poppy fully-sick punk rock from Perth" (Rave Magazine) while still taking their place as "the spawn of the avant garde" (Xpress Perth)


NEWS 24/04/07: The Fault set to support Dukes of Windsor on their WA tour in May

The Fault
Take a brash dash of “screech and scrall” “stomping guitar”, a splice of volatile keyboard hooks varying from “cartoon Transylvanian organs” to “cocktail lounge” keys, “brilliantly timed and breakneck speed drumming”, a ballsy bottom end and flamboyant male and female vocals, and there you have a taste of The Fault. Their debut EP Prologue/Epilogue has been applauded while their live show is reputed and awed like your favourite flaming sword swallower at the weekend markets.

In their short eighteen months together The Fault have:

-Won Western Australia’s biggest band competition, The Next Big Thing, leaving them in the same hall of fame as Snowman, Fourth Floor Collapse and John Butler. They won the 2005 competition in July that year. The first heat was their third gig. The grand final was their sixth.

-Toured South Western Australia with both The Mess Hall and The Vasco Era.

-Supported Electric Six (USA) in October 2005.

-Played the Perth Big Day Out 2006

-Been industry nominated for Most Promising New Act in the 2006 WAMi awards.

-Had their track “The Memoirs of Dr Mafesto” added to the 2005 WAMi Compilation.

-Been invited to play two WAMi 2006 events, The Saturday Spectacular and a Perth city showcase

-Played Perth’s other landmark local music event, RTR Fm’s In The Pines festival.

-Also supported 78 Saab, Pharaohs, Starky, Bit By Bats and The Valentinos on their WA tours.

-Played events alongside the cream of the Perth scene including Snowman, The Panda Band, New Rules For Boats, Schvendes, The Silents, Adam Said Galore, Gyroscope, The Wednesday Society, Bob Evans, The Kill Devil Hills and many more.

-Signed to Qstik Records (Rollerskates, New Rules for Boats, Faith in Plastics and administrators of Bamboo - The Panda Band’s label) for their debut EP Prologue/Epilogue.

-Launched their EP to a capacity crowd at premier Perth live music venue The Amplifier Bar, with on stage support from The Silents, Bus#56, The Preytells and Fear of Comedy.

-Secured significant funding to tour the East Coast from ArtsWA. The ArtsWA panel for Contemporary music consists of highly respected Perth music industry.

-Been added to rotation at several community radio stations and other wise received healthy airplay on community radio nationally, as well as spot airplay on Triple J.

-Have headlined premier local radio station RTR FM’s Homegrown fundraiser, a two-stage event for their local music show.

-Have had their track “The Devil Thumbs a Ride” included in the 2007 WAMi Compilation

-Have been invited to play the Saturday Spectacular in the 2007 WAMi Festival

- Invited to support Bit By Bats again in April for all their WA dates

-Set to tour with Dukes of Windsor around WA in May.

Touring and a new single is on the books for The Fault, watch for details.


EP Prologue/Epilogue - Released September 06

Set List

The band is rebuilding its repertoire after a line up change but can perform sets up to 60 mins
This will be updated with futher details soon...