The Faumuis

The Faumuis

 Canberra, Canberra, AUS

G’day everyone, I’m Kashia, I’m Salale and I’m Koebi and we’re the Faumuis. We’ve been singing together for over five years and the main reason why we do music is because we really really love it. We may not have the most amazing voices or the most gifted musicians you’ve heard, but we can promise you our best every time we sing.


Kashia (19), Salale (18) and Koebi (13) Faumui are a vocal group who've been singing and performing together for over five years. In that time they've released six original albums and three cover albums. Predominately raised and influenced by gospel and acapella music from a young age, the group have been exploring and broadening their interests in other music genres. All three have been classically trained in piano and have extended their interest of musical instruments to guitar, bass, ukulele, trumpet and drums.

The group developed their vocal ability to sing and harmonize through regular singing sessions around the guitar as toddlers, and under the musical influences of their Samoan father and Polish mother. Kashia says, “We do music because we love it. We’ve been doing music and singing since we’ve been little and we couldn’t think of anything else we’d rather be doing. We may not have the most amazing voices or the most gifted musicians you’ve heard, but we can promise you our best every time we sing.”

 Having already performed at various conferences, corporate events and festivals with positive feedback, the group spent six months writing, recording and producing their first album “Seriously” which was released in January 2012. This was followed by a promotional tour of New Zealand and Australia with their album receiving airplay in both commercial and community radio with positive reviews from listeners.

The group continued to write record and produce with the culmination of the release of “Always searching” and “Learning how to fly.” Their fourth and fifth original albums “Expectations” and “House of God” was just released the end of 2013.

In 2014 the group released “The Acapella Project,” “The Gospel Collection” and “Gospel songs of Elvis” and in March 2015 they released their sixth original album “Songs for Emma” highlighting the serious issue of child abuse in our institutions and wider community. This was followed by a promotional tour of Europe and China in July and August 2015. For more information go to:


I wanna go home
I'm holding on
Come to the party
Somebody's baby
You're going home
Where do the children
Song for my father
Nothing but the truth

You can count on me
He ain't heavy
Waiting on the world to change
Surfer girl
I'm yours
Hey soul sister
You are the only exception
Time of your life
Someone like you
I wish we'd all been ready
Somewhere over the rainbow
Price Tag
A little help from my friends
Hey delilah
Who says
Heart of life
More than words
Eternal flame

Its gonna rain
Le atua
Amazing grace
Dem bones
He touched me
The saviour is waiting
Whisper a prayer
Somewhere beyond the blue
Into my heart
Just keep trusting my lord
Cleanse me
Near the cross
Jesus and me
I've got a mansion
Shepherd of love
He's able
Until then
If you know the lord
I need thee every hour
My jesus I love thee
What a friend
Old rugged cross
Rock of ages
I surrender all
Abide with me
Fill my cup
Away far beyond jordan
Sweet jesus
Sweet hour of prayer
I know who holds tomorrow
Something beautiful
The saviour is waiting
My God loves me
Softly and tenderly
Just as I am
Walking in the light
Be in the light