The Faux Paus

The Faux Paus

 Toledo, Ohio, USA

We are an all-girl, movie-loving, indie-rock band. We enjoy collecting stamps and animals and beanie babies. We just play it by ear and tinker with different sounds, our music is vocally strong where the keys, guitar, and drums each provide another voice within each song.


We met in film school at the University if Toledo. It was our junior year when we accidentally discovered the idea of starting a band. We began practicing in Amanda's garage every night during the cold December of 2008. We practiced the same five songs over and over again just to learn our instruments and how to play with one another. We wanted to keep our band a secret for as long as we could before playing a show, but our friends found out soon enough.
We began playing around toledo at local venues and started our own fan base. We recorded our first EP "the Faux Paus" with producer Dan Brenner. We soon began traveling as band and making friends in other states.
We graduated in May 2010 with our Bachlor of Arts and Science in Film and created our first short film together "Three Blind Mauses." We shot, directed, acted, and edited the film ourselves. It is the first of many scripts we hope to bring to life. As the year went on we went on many weekend trips out to New York, Philly, Atlantic City, and venues around Ohio. We then recorded our second EP "Basement" with producer Zack Ships. "Basement" is the first of three EP's that we will record.
Currently we are working on the second of the three EPs "Spare Room" with Little Elephant Recordings . We are hoping to release in the next month or two. Now, we are getting ready for the big move to New York, where we hope all our dreams will come true.


The Faux Paus (Feb 2010):
1. That Song I Wrote You
2. Two Weeks
3. Impressions
4. ShaneWest
5. Creeper
6.Piano Rap

Basement (June 2011):
1. A Village
2. Camper
3. Dustin Hoffman

Both EPs can be heard at our Band Camp