The Fave

The Fave

 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

The Fave has brought sounds up and down and in and out of the greater rock cities of the east coast, has a full-length record, scored a video game soundtrack, and much street cred. With songs that speak about lost thoughts & new happenings, waking up & falling down, Hoboken NJ introduces the Fave


The Fave has an amazing and energetic live show that showcases well-written and thoughtfully crafted songs. With echoes of Chrissy Hynde singing for The Who, and with tones of U2 reverberating within the walls, The Fave offers a fresh sound that pays homage to the great rockers of the past while maintaining a unique and formidable original flavor. Acoustically, The Fave provides a deeper look into their songs, stripping them down and allowing fans to hear the songs through real and raw passion and beautifully intertwined harmonies. Clearly standing out from other bands on concert bills and open mic nights, crowds leave venues wondering why The Fave is not already on the radio or TV. The answer is simple; someone needs to take a chance on a band that doesn't fit into todays homogenous list of radio dwellers.


"Cool for a Day", THE FAVE's acoustic EP was released in October '09 and is available at most digital stores.
The Fave's 1st full-length record, "Tomorrow's June" was reviewed and received and "A-" from Aquarian Weekly and is also available at most digital stores
The Fave - "Live at The Fallout Shelter" - 4 song live disc can be heard on
"Always" - track 2 - cuurently played on The Pat Duncan Show on WFMU 91.1; also airing on WHTG 106.3; also airing on WRSU 88.7

"Go" track from previous EP ("Escaping the Paparazzi" available at featured on "MC Katz Dance Groove" for Nintendo GameCube 2005

Set List

The Fave has an amazing and energetic live show that showcases well-written and thoughtfully crafted songs. the Fave has over 25 original songs that can be played in several different rock set lists. Usually, the set includes 9 or 10 of our original songs that leave every crowd wanting more...

"The Fave has been one of Hoboken’s most popular indigenous bands for years now, and the current lineup may be its best yet. While there’s no denying the group’s power when it plugs in and cranks up to full volume, its frequent acoustic sets are always a treat. Spotlighting the vocals of siblings Dom and Jaime Della Fave, drummer Fran Azzarto, guitarist Dave Entwhistle, and new bassist Neal Cary, the band melds sweet folkie vocals with a funky, jam band groove. " -Jim Tetsa,, Jersey Journal MARCH '10

"The music was so tight and the energy so catching that when the set ended, people looked astonished." -Jacqueline Beach, freelance writer reviewing The Fave at Maxwells 12/1/06