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Hoboken, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States | SELF
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"Some Quotes"

"The foursome has a huge local draw, built from the ground up. They are united in performing original rock that is different from the mass-marketed songs that are played on most radio stations." -Diana Schwaeble, The Hudson Current

"The music was so tight and the energy so catching that when the set ended, people looked astonished." -Jacqueline Beach, freelance writer reviewing The Fave at Maxwell’s - Various

"THE FAVE acoustic set reviewed"

"The Fave has been one of Hoboken’s most popular indigenous bands for years now, and the current lineup may be its best yet. While there’s no denying the group’s power when it plugs in and cranks up to full volume, its frequent acoustic sets are always a treat. Spotlighting the vocals of siblings Dom and Jaime Della Fave, drummer Fran Azzarto, guitarist Dave Entwhistle, and new bassist Neal Cary, the band melds sweet folkie vocals with a funky, jam band groove." -Jim Testa, March 10, 2010 -, The Jersey Journal

"Local band wants to be your 'Fave'"

The band formerly known as eugene, now known as The Fave, have been employing new sounds and ideas in addition to a new band name.

The Fave includes three family members from the now defunct eugene, including: Jaime Rose Della Fave (lead vocals), her brother Dominick (guitar), and their cousin Ed Smith on bass guitar.

With the addition of new drummer Fran Azzarto, owner of the Goldhawk and former member of the band Skanatra, the group combines to create an excellent mix of original rock music.

At a recent show at Maxwell's, The Fave passed out copies of a live CD and announced plans for a new album, which will be released next year.

Becoming The Fave

As a veteran musician, Fran's influence on the band has inspired new discoveries.
Yet Dominick said this doesn't mean the band is moving in a new direction.

"It's not that we're going in a different direction," Dominick said. "We're going further in the right direction. Now we're heading in the direction we want to go."

Eugene fans need not worry; The Fave does not intend to cast away all relation to eugene; they just want to free themselves from expectations. As eugene, the band raised awareness in Hoboken for original music. Together since 2000, eugene ignited a passion for a different sound. They organized the outdoor show "Hoboken Rocks" in 2005, which included other local bands with a unique rock sound.

"We were just ready for a new step and didn't want to be stigmatized as having to stick with the same themes that eugene had," Dominick said. "And Fran did come along and change things. But the band was already changing anyway. We had a different approach and we've been finding our sound and our flavor."

A new direction

"One place where things have changed is in our songwriting," said Jaime. "It used to be more individual and now it's more collaborative. There are four different egos coming into it."

It might be challenging to have four separate conceits collaborating together, but The Fave's members say that is what makes the music so good.

"In the past, we would play a show, write songs, play a show, write songs - with no time in between," Dominick said. "There was no time to rearrange. Now we can look at a song, study it, and think about what we want to change."

The band views this evolution of style as a more positive way of writing, and their confidence and cohesiveness shows up in their songs. Horizons have been expanding, and not due to their own publicity moves.

"Our free live CD was played on FMU and Rutgers' radio station with no promotion from us," said Jaime. "That was pretty cool."

A recent show at Maxwell's

At a recent show at Maxwell's, the band got a warm welcome from the crowd, after a colossal man with a cowboy hat atop his head announced, "Next up, The Fave!"

Playing together for the first time at a big show, The Fave undeniably left their mark.

Not easily categorized as any single music genre, their sound is polished and energizing.

Reminiscent of what Gwen Stefani brought to No Doubt in the nineties; Jaime rocks hard and sings sultrily all in the same song.

Dominick's guitar riffs are powerful and electrifying, and his harmonizing with sister Jamie on vocals appears effortless. And fans love him too. During the set they repeatedly screamed, "We love you Dom!"

Ed's solid rhythms, fantastic vocals, and easy smile lend a stable presence.

Fran adds a new balance to the band. With drumsticks flying, he pumps out intense, catchy beats.

The music was so tight and the energy so catching that when the set ended, people looked astonished. Cries of "One more song!" broke out and people whispered, "They're just going on a break, right?"

Have you declared yet?

If their live show at Maxwell's is any indication, The Fave can expect a lot more promotion from new fans and old.

"Radio and pop culture have too much to say," Dominick said. "We want people to decide on good music for themselves."

The Fave is currently recording their first full-length record at the Azzarto brothers' recording space, Think Tank, in Hoboken. The album will feature 12 original songs.

Dominick said The Fave is intent on staying true to themselves and to their music, without being overly concerned about getting a record label or forcing their music on people.

Their "Declaration of Independents," which was available for signing at Maxwell's, confirms their dedication to staying devoted to music that is the opposite of the manufactured, mass-marketed kind that is so popular on today's radio stations, and supporting other bands that share the same credo.

Fans can expect the new CD out next year. For updates or current show listings, visit:

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"Local Folk, Rock, and Pop Singers"

It's hard not to hear good music in Hudson County, which is home to plenty of talented local musicians. On most weekends, the harder choice is deciding what you are in the mood to hear, and where.

This year, there were many local bands that played outstanding shows. We can't name them all, but we thank them nonetheless for their contributions to the local scene. Here are some of the favorites from 2006.

Local favorites

The band formerly known as eugene (Jaime and Dom Della Fave, and Ed Smith) transformed themselves into The Fave this year with the addition of Fran Azzarto (formerly of Skanatra). Azzarto brings a new intensity to the band as their new drummer. The foursome has a huge local draw, built from the ground up. They are united in performing original rock that is different from the mass-marketed songs that are played on most radio stations. The Fave are planning on releasing their first studio CD early next year. - The Hudon Current

"CD of the Week-The Fave's "Tomorrow's June" CD review"

Since the 1980s Hoboken has been well known as the home for alternative bands like The Feelies, The Bongos, The Cucumbers, and Yo La Tengo. What the Mile Square City isn’t known for is straight-up rock and roll bands. The Fave is about to change all that.
I always appreciate it when a young band is aware of the roots of the music they play. Really good bands like The Fave can assimilate these influences without sounding retro or imitative. When I first heard the band, my immediate reaction was that they had listened to a lot of Jefferson Airplane. That was based not only on the songs, but the dual female/male vocals that the Airplane deployed so successfully. But listen closely and you’ll also hear strains of The Who, U2, Traffic, and other notables.
Led by the brother and sister team of guitarist Dom “Kingdom” Della Fave, and vocalist Jaime Rose, the band shines on the Bangles-inspired opener “Ewake,” the rave-up “Let It Out,” and the inventive, harmony-laden psych-pop of “Thrown Away.” Don’t miss the hidden 13th track, which may be titled “Coming Down.” It’s worth hanging on for.
I don’t know which came first, the album title, or the release date, but since The Fave will be holding their CD release party at Maxwell’s on May 31, the title is perfectly appropriate. You can buy their CD at the party, or on iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, and most of the other online resources.
In A Word: Sizzling
Grade: A-
-Ken Shane - The Aquarian Weekly

"Excerpt from The Fave album review"

"To say that the new songs on the album are good isn't enough. To say that they are mood-altering, spirit-lifting and infectious is better. But to truly appreciate The Fave is to see them perform their songs live and witness the passion each talented member has for the music and to hear the effortless result. If there was a Music Olympics, the Fave would get a 10 for live shows." - Diana Schwaeble, Managing Editor, The Hudson Current (May 21, 2008) - The Hudson Current

"The Fave Invades Asbury"

"The Fave unveiled their revamped crew to The Saint crowd, fervently working their original brand of pop with showmanship sense with the clan like feel of Jefferson Airplane and picking up new fans by sets end." - John Pfeifer, East Coast Rocker (May 14, 2008) - East Coast Rocker

"Hoboken Arts & Music Festival Review"

"Hoboken's local rock band, The Fave, got things going on the main stage. The band played music from their soon-to-be released album "Tomorrow's June." The crowd was energized by the band's effortless harmonies and get your groove on rock music." - Review of The Fave at The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, Diana Schwaeble, The Hoboken Reporter (May 07, 2008) - The Hoboken Reporter

"2008 Asbury Music Awards"

The Fave was nominated for "Top Band" at the 2008 Asbury Music Awards and The Fave's drummer, Fran Azzarto was nominated for for "Best Drummer" - The Aquarian

"The Beat Goes On- Hudson County bands that rock"

see every show, savvy listeners know where to go.

This past year, locals could get their fill of music at any of the numerous free concerts held throughout the county, like the Jersey City Jazz Festival in Liberty State Park, concerts under the stars at Lincoln Harbor Park in Weehawken, and at the biannual Hoboken Arts & Music Festival.

Although some live music venues like CBGB in New York have shut their doors for good, the music continues to thrive in Hudson County, thanks in part to great local venues like legendary Maxwell's and the Goldhawk.

But the larger credit for the local scene rests with the musicians who have given their talent and their music, creating a beautiful listening space.

Area musicians returned

This year's fall Hoboken Arts & Music Festival was even more spectacular with former local bands that performed in town from the 1980s and 1990s playing at the main stage. The crowds were treated to performances by Glenn Mercer, former lead singer/guitarist of The Feelies; Chris Stamey, the founder of the dB's; and The Health & Happiness Show.

But perhaps the most exciting part was a set by headliners The Bongos, which includes frontman Richard Barone, bassist Rob Norris, guitarist James Mastro, and drummer Frank Giannini. This power-pop group from Hoboken helped create the "Hoboken sound" and played at Maxwell's in the beginning.

Two of the Bongos (Barone and Norris) returned to Hoboken in December for a guest lecture and performance at the Hoboken Historical Museum. As part of the series Hoboken Tunes: Our Musical Heritage, influential musicians gave performances at the museum and spoke about their rise to fame.

Barone and Norris spoke enthusiastically about the scene at the time, which they said didn't include as many bands as today - instead Hoboken was a tight-knit musical community.

During the talk, Norris read sections of Barone's book, "Frontman: Surviving the Rock Star Myth," to Barone's guitar accompaniment.

Barone also spoke about the book, which recounts his experience at his 1118 Hudson St. apartment including the time that he washed Michael Stipe's hair (R.E.M.) in the kitchen sink. Barone recalled that Stipe's hair was filthy and he couldn't let him go onstage at Maxwell's looking like that.

Another well-attended lecture this fall at the museum included a talk by Steve Fallon (founder of Maxwell's) and current co-owner Todd Abramson. The pair spoke about Maxwell's rise in the music scene and how it became the well-known scene it is today.

Your 'faves'

The band formerly known as eugene - now The Fave - has gotten new life with the addition of drummer Fran Azzarto, owner of the Goldhawk and former member of the band Skanatra.

The Fave includes three family members from the now defunct eugene, including: Jaime Rose Della Fave (lead vocals), her brother Dominick (guitar), and cousin Ed Smith on bass guitar.

When eugene first burst on the music scene in 2000, Hoboken got a taste of hard-edged original rock. The group built up a grassroots following of locals and others who shared in the band's passion. Often at early shows, the fans were just as hyped up as the band members who gave their all.

Their success grew with the release of the album "Escaping the Paparazzi." Then in 2005, they organized the show "Hoboken Rocks" at Pier A in Hoboken with other area rock bands.

If anything was missing, it was the ability to move beyond the constraints of the fans of eugene who wanted to hear hits from the past. Meanwhile, the band had plans of its own.

Those plans are close to completion now as the Fave plans to release their latest album early next year.

And anyone who has seen the Fave lately live at Maxwell's witnessed the evolution of sound. With Azzarto driving the beat, the Fave has gelled into formidable rock band - with each member working cohesively, blending into a joyful explosive beat. At a live show it's impossible not to feel the passion.

If you haven't seen them live - you should. They aren't the first band to come out of Hoboken, but they are a living testament to original talent. - The Hudson Current


"Cool for a Day", THE FAVE's acoustic EP was released in October '09 and is available at most digital stores.
The Fave's 1st full-length record, "Tomorrow's June" was reviewed and received and "A-" from Aquarian Weekly and is also available at most digital stores
The Fave - "Live at The Fallout Shelter" - 4 song live disc can be heard on
"Always" - track 2 - cuurently played on The Pat Duncan Show on WFMU 91.1; also airing on WHTG 106.3; also airing on WRSU 88.7

"Go" track from previous EP ("Escaping the Paparazzi" available at featured on "MC Katz Dance Groove" for Nintendo GameCube 2005



The Fave has an amazing and energetic live show that showcases well-written and thoughtfully crafted songs. With echoes of Chrissy Hynde singing for The Who, and with tones of U2 reverberating within the walls, The Fave offers a fresh sound that pays homage to the great rockers of the past while maintaining a unique and formidable original flavor. Acoustically, The Fave provides a deeper look into their songs, stripping them down and allowing fans to hear the songs through real and raw passion and beautifully intertwined harmonies. Clearly standing out from other bands on concert bills and open mic nights, crowds leave venues wondering why The Fave is not already on the radio or TV. The answer is simple; someone needs to take a chance on a band that doesn't fit into todays homogenous list of radio dwellers.