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The Favourite Game @ Salt Lounge

London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada

The Favourite Game @ COCA conference

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

The Favourite Game @ Call the Office

London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Though this 5-piece Canadian band describes their style as “Space Rock”, I find them prog-esque enough to be deserving of a post in this forum, and (I hope) a listen to from the list. According to the site, this band has been making music for some time, yet the band members are quite young and - I think - with a little support, have much potential to evolve and mature in both style and composition.

Overall, the band’s style is atmospheric, with languid, hypnotic vocals and instrumentation stripped of bludgeoning complexity. The band has songs available to listen to or download at:

One of my favorites available there is "Pinstriped Racketeer", a choppy, at times deliberately hesitant acoustic guitar tune. The song is quite dream-like with breathy, sensual vocals, that - true to the title - is reminiscent of a 30’s era radio crooner. The only percussion I am able to hear is some type of hand held effects-percussion instrument (though, what it is I don't know). If the beauty of the song is its simplicity, the downfall is its length. Running at 1:20 min, the band would have done well to add an instrumental bridge or extended outro, not only for the purpose of prolonging the “dream”, but to add some structural variation.

"Telepeople" is a rockier, cynical guitar/synth/drums tune with the usual but comfortable chord progressions. Nice, but again, too short.

"Sam the Robot" is a melancholy electronic tune composed for the movie short of the same title, an equally affecting movie (recommended, and available for viewing at the SEeKing Dawn official site: .)

Also, just for fun is "Sam the Robot: end titles (alternate)." This is listed as a game sound track, and it sounds very much like one (completely electronic), with quirky singsong vocals dispersed at irregular intervals. It completely cracked me up.

The track I recommend most is their newest, "The Changeling." This has by far the most proggy feel and conversely, the most chance (IMO) for commercial appeal, both in composition and song length. Again, the vocals have an ethereal, narcotic seductiveness (Joshua Richardson - can you tell I like the vocal talent here?). Instrumentally, it is a beautiful performance with high-end synth/guitar, building and arpeggiating near the end. Structurally, it is the most cohesive piece with a haunting and simple guitar and vocal intro, building in its complexity and resolves well with a mild and melodic outro. If you have an inclination to give this band one listen, please make it this one. - Progressive Ears

If Radiohead did the soundtrack for the Haunted House Ride it would sound like “Friends” by SEeKing Dawn—a warm, rich, melodic trance of a rock song.

“Friends” cuts in with no introduction; only a guitar rhythm and vocals laying everything in the open from beat one. A slow, delayed beat kicks in less than a minute into the song, dragging the lethargic lyricist along with it. The haunting background makes one wonder if “Friends “ are a good thing or something to fear. Ending with the chilling, “ahhhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh,” high to low, female falsettos that echo throughout, we get our answer.

“Friends” clocks in under three minutes, and with so much going on, it not only leaves the listener wanting more, it creates an irreparable chasm in their musical soul. Like a good drug, it ends much too quickly, without the chords seeping into our inner being, as no doubt a four or five minute version of the song would.

Though brief, “Friends” is a trip worth taking. Light up, sit back, and give it a spin. - Gods of Music

The intro drumwork, resembles that of: Led Zeppelin's "Levee Breaks" or that song by Green Day "Brain Stew". I kept expecting the singer to say, "...On my own, here we go."

This song takes off, like a rocket. It's a live recording and that speaks for itself, explaining the drop-outs of the drum work as all instruments collide and the 'p' puffing from the vocal mic.

The song is so cool, that I could, actually care less about the recording quality. The singer has a voice similar to that of Green Day or Billy from Smashing Pumpkins. Ranging from raw to seasoned, surprisingly, for a punkish band, the tremolo trail-offs are impressive and cast light on an individualism, I've only heard a few this vein of music.

It's an edgy, little ditty; structured very well with layered guitars a solid drum line and that voice. Be careful, this song will sneak up on you. I must see a live show.
- Gods of Music

A wash of jangly guitars, some paddy synths, and a mellow singer with a distinctive voice.

What else do you need?

Some vocal weirdness (meaning some "off" notes and such) come along here and there, but overall this track is atmospheric and cool. The strings at the end are particularly nice; I would have enjoyed a little more of that orchestral bit at the end - perhaps even ending the song with it rather than bringing back the guitars would have worked better for me.

There might be just a little too much guitar; the parts get a little muddled at times. But overall, the counterpoint and harmony between the parts adds some nice little sonic treats.

This isn't a bad effort. It's pretty original, and interesting textures abound. A little more attention to some of the finer details would make this considerably more powerful.
- Gods of Music


Stormy Seas EP



Looking at a musical landscape of misery and despair, SEeKing Dawn saw a need for music with hope. Yet hope doesn’t always have to come in a pink box. Loud, hard hitting sounds with matter-of-fact lyrics are sometimes the only thing to shake off the dreariness.

“There is always an aspect of humor to everything we do,” explains drummer Jeremy Richardson, “you can’t face the world too seriously, you’ll get eaten alive”. The group was mostly formed through friendships resulting from the purchase of a professional video camera by the Richardson brothers. “Doing crazy videos was how we really defined our friendship. Music became a natural outgrowth of that”.

Meeting at a school for the Arts, the 5 band members decided to form a band even before they knew how to play any instruments. The catalyst was a gift to Joshua Richardson in the form of a blue-purple Squirer Stratocaster guitar from friend John Linton. “I don’t know exactly what he saw but he thought it was obviously worth more than the guitar. He even went out and bought a small Fender amp so I could play at home!”

In 1998 the band recorded a 5 song EP entitled “The Stormy Seas of Nettle Hills”. A self produced, self recorded album, it was a bold move for 5 young dudes just out of grade school. “We recorded on Jeremy’s Pentium II computer with a Soundblaster sound card. Looking back now I am amazed with what we came up with, I think it captures that moment in time for us” remembers Dave Ball, who recently graduated from the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College.

The SEeKing Dawn website has become a hub for news and communication for the band. “The internet gives us a number of ways to express ideas and just have some fun” notes Kevin Jackson. Recently the band began releasing concert performances prefaced by humorous videos recorded over the years. Their e-mail list of 600+ keeps fans up to date and connected with the band.

Over the last 6 years SEeKing Dawn has been perfecting their live show in Southwestern Ontario and preparing a wealth of new material for consideration on an upcoming full length album. Playing consistently has built up an underground movement that is both loyal and devoted. Andrew mentions, “It’s great to present a song before an audience, it helps define the song deeper and give it character.”

Character is the defining aspect of SEeKing Dawn, proving that diversity is stronger than uniformity. Each band member brings a distinct quality, personality and strength to the group. Combined they provide a wide range of values and ideals for every fan while reaching for a singular goal; providing loud music to combat low spirits. And SEeKing Dawn hopes that they can enrich every listener’s life, not with destructive commentary but with constructive expectations of life.

Notable quotes:

“Dave’s guitar harmonies are stellar. They really compliment Josh's great melodic vocals.”
- Tyler Stewart, drummer for the Bare Naked Ladies

“SEeKing Dawn has it all. The ‘Rock’n’Roll Ying/Yang’ – infectious/solid song writing intertwined with a dynamic live show. Music that this generation needs to know.”
- Mark Rawson, entertainment co-ordinator Fanshawe College

“SEeKing Dawn is the best band that plays at my club. They're great guys who always put on an entertaining show."
- Paul Taylor, manager of Salt Lounge

“I really love it when the singer takes his shirt off!”
- anonymous female fan