the fearless

the fearless


The Fearless are an original rock outfit with sing along choruses rounded out by a LOUD guitar onslaught!


The Fearless are veterans of american hard rock music.From the ashes of Lester Swing and Hog The Swine, this band is setting out to take the country...and soon the world, by storm!Mix the harmonies of Crosby Stills and Nash with the heavy guitars of Aerosmith and Black Sabbath and add the attitude of The Clash and you have The Fearless, 3 young guys seeking a common goal...World domination in the field of hard rock!


You're Impossible-(E.P.) released:2/4/06

Set List

Our typical set list is around 45 minutes to an hour.If we are playing without any other bands for the whole night it can be up to 2 hours with 2 sets and a handful of covers like, Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones, Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin and a bevy of other hard rock classics.We mostly like to stick to our originals.The strongest of this bunch are:You're Impossible, Bright Light Right Time, Only Aggrevation, Make you wanna love me, Sporadic, The Media and many,many more!