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The Fearless Vampire Killers

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | INDIE
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"The Fearless Vampire Killers"

With a little help from Mars Volta producer Lars Stalfors, the Fearless Vampire Killers have created a brilliant monster. First single ‘For You and Me’ is indicative of the record as a whole, full of ’70s guitar hooks and a catchy sing-along chorus. Having said that, it’s hardly repetitive album: one moment you’re uncontrollably dancing to ‘The Monkey Song,’ the next, listening intently to the vivid lyrics of ‘Jacky.’ Find the next party these lads crash to see them in their element.
- Triple J Magazine

"The Fearless Vampire Killers - Batmania"

Though named for a ridiculous early Roman Polanski film, this Melbourne quartet is neither cartoonish nor mired in the horror imagery you might expect of that name. (The album title, meanwhile, comes from an erstwhile appellation for Melbourne.) Instead, the band nail a meatier version of Frowning Clouds’ precise British Invasion fetish. Their debut album may be produced by Mars Volta atmosphere man Lars Stalfors, but it’s light on bells and whistles and thick with rock‘n’roll swagger.
It’s a lot of fun without asking too much of us. There are songs about being young, poor and in love with the wrong women, but the familiar sounds and subjects are offset by unflashy detours into blues, psych and old R&B. And lest the songs get suffocated by their retro design, there’s not the requisite fog of reverb here. Better still, Sean Ainsworth’s lead vocals favour a sneer that cuts right to the bone.

As every first album should (but few do), most every song has some unique feature to set it apart. A diverting drum solo closes ‘Country Rock’, while piercing guitar lines and spooky call-and-response elevate ‘Jacky’. A military drum roll and mariachi horns mingle with a countrified Neil Young vibe on ‘Precious Ground’. ‘I Won’t Stay Too Long’ and ‘The Monkey Song’ are more like vintage rave-ups than most, where the single ‘For You & Me’ flirts with airy harmonies, surf-guitar scrawl and a cosmic bridge. And the smoking ‘Loaded Gun’ sits closest to Black Lips’ daggy anarchy.
What makes The Fearless Vampire Killers more than just tasteful recyclers, however, is not just their animal energy and ruffled charm but the inherent worth of their tunes. The songs are as strong as their influences, which is saying quite a lot. - Mess and Noise

"The Fearless Vampire Killers Batmania"

The Fearless Vampire Killers have been so busy, releasing their debut album just hasn’t seemed necessary yet. Playing for six years, recording for two, and with a few lineup changes scattered in between, these young men are finally ready show us who they really are, and their debut record, Batmania, does just that.

TFVK have reached amazing heights in recent years, pumping out two tours this year alone with Lanie Lane, and The Vasco Era. TFVK was also chosen to support The Hives, Kasabian, and even The Mars Volta, who are notorious for not having support bands on their tours, and this was all before releasing their debut.

Batmania opens up with triple j favourite, “Tell Me What You’re Trying To Say”, which is fitting as it tells the listener what to expect from the record. Upbeat, toe tapping and like you’re on the tea cup ride at Disneyland, the single goes round and round in euphoric simplicity.

“Country Rock” is definitely a stand out track: the plain lyrics are astoundingly complimenting as it feels like the entire track is leading up to the most phenomenal drum solo at the end, but it’s cool, yeah? John Bonham would be proud. “Jacky” is the album’s ballad, and the track that rounds the record off with its country rock vibe. Jacky gives lead singer, Seán Ainsworth, the chance to show off his vocal chops as well as brief lyrical genius. Its stunningly emotional and this reviewer’s favourite track. It’s rare to come across a ballad you can actually dance too.

The middle of the album is previous single releases, “For You & Me”, and “Loaded Gun”, which have already become nostalgic tracks, then followed by “The Monkey Song”, coming in as a epic pop explosion. If anyone can try and pull off a song about monkeys, it’s Seán Ainsworth. It’s a strange choice to lead into track nine, “Precious Ground”, as it is unmistakably the most musically experimental and is really the best showcase of the band’s remarkable talents.

Batmania comes to a close with “All Coked Up”, with over six minutes of instrumental goodness, it continues the appropriate showing off and ends this debut on a high note, showing the listeners just what they are really capable of.

The Fearless Vampire Killers’ Batmania is going to be a summer favourite, yet not a “spandex-wearing air guitarist’s wet dream” as Rolling Stone stated, that would simply be selling the album short. Wet dream, yes. Spandex-wearing? Not so much. - Tone Deaf

"The Fearless Vampire Killers - Batmania (2011 LP)"

Melbourne based band The Fearless Vampire Killers are releasing their debut album Batmania on October 14. After releasing a number of singles and EPs over the years and Batmania demonstrates The Fearless Vampire Killers were well and truly capable of releasing a full length LP. The album is full of electric guitar riffs, complimented by lead singer Sean Ainsworth’s raw voice. It’s the kind of music you would expect in a western film, or being played in a bar in the 1970s.
The album opens with single “Tell Me What You’re Trying To Say”; a track that that sets the tone for the LP perfectly. It’s a fantastic song, full of swampy guitars. The repeated bridge is particularly outstanding due to the tempo change and slightly off beat clapping. Despite the repetitive nature of this track, its short length leaves you wanting more.
“The Sinner” sees a slight change in pace due to the less ‘full sound’. The Fearless Vampire Killers are very talented at creating catchy guitar riffs, and this track particularly showcases this. Following track “Jacky” and “Loaded Gun” are also standouts, for similar reasons. These tracks display a side of The Fearless Vampire Killers that is capable of creating tracks without the overriding influence of electric guitars.
The first single off the album “You and Me” which was released in April is just as impressive when heard against the rest of the album. This track is extraordinary for an album full of remarkable tracks.
“The Monkey Song” is one of my favourite songs from Batmania. It is a short, fast paced track that will get the most rigid people (i.e. me) dancing. The song is very reminiscent of Kings of Leon’s early work, particularly “Spiral Staircase” from Aha Shake Heartbreak.
The only criticism of Batmania is the album closing on six and a half minute instrumental track “All Coked Up (With Nowhere To Go)”, which is anti climatic after such an exciting album. The track sounds very improvised and doesn’t fit on the well otherwise well structured and balanced album.
Batmania is one of the best albums of 2011.
Review score: 9/10 - Au Review


The Fearless Vampire Killers - Ep (2008)
Loaded Gun / Alright Now Honey - 7" Vinyl (2009)
For You & Me - Digital Single (2011)
Tell Me What You're Trying To Say - Digital Single (2011)
Batmania Album (October 14th 2011)
Mexico -Digital Single (September 2012)



It’s been one hell of a ride for Melbourne’s blues-soaked garage rockers, The Fearless Vampire Killers. Forming as a bi-product of high school friendships, the band are making a name for themselves with an unhinged live show that draws comparisons to the likes of Dick Dale through to The Libertines.

With an explosive live set, its no surprise that The Fearless Vampire Killers have been hand picked to play with the likes of The Mars Volta, Kasabian, The Hives and The Sonics.

Their appreciation of their fan base, has seen them throw a number of pumping house party gigs for their single and video launches. Flowing with oceans of booze and hours of debauchery, these nights and the stories that result, are modern day Melbourne urban legends.

2011 marked the release of the band’s long awaited debut LP, Batmania. An album drenched in swooning harmonies and surf rock riffs, has maintained enough pop sensibilities to ensure the first two singles, ‘For You & Me’ and ‘Tell Me What You’re Trying To Say’ became favourites on playlists of alternative radio around the country.

2012 has kicked off at a cracking pace for the band coinciding with their first national headline tour. For You & Me recently placed on the American TV series 90210 and One Day At A Time in the upcoming Liam Hemsworth Movie; Love & Honor. 'TFVK are beginning to make a name for themselves internationally.

Among all this, The Fearless Vampire Killers have found time to begin working on their second album. Mexico is the first single from their forthcoming album; It's an upbeat western-rock ditty documenting the neglected desire of a fading man to travel to his childhood dreamland of Mexico.

‘Four songs in and the band have already shown more diversity than most other rock acts do at further points in their career’
The Dwarf

‘With a little help from Mars Volta producer Lars Stalfors, the Fearless Vampire Killers have created a brilliant Monster’
J Mag – 7/10

“Their drugged-out take on surf-garage rock is lively and entertaining”
Rolling Stone - 3.5 Stars

‘Their debut record sounds like a genuine 1960 artifact: amp speakers break up nicely, the lead guitar tones are creamy and groovy back up vocals sit tightly behind a convincing lead singer’
Brag – Indie Album Of The Week

‘Anyone that’s seen them live knows that the fearless foursome love what they do, and there’s no better evidence of that than on this record’