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The Fearsome Sparrow

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the fearsome sparrow, who apparently got together in San Diego, have fittingly moved east where their brand of melancholy, girl-meets-boy idm has two seasons in which to fit, Autumn AND Winter, instead of 365 days of sunshine. Liz Godoy’s sweet, plaintive soprano and Brenden Beu’s charmingly unsure tenor are enough to make you fall head over heels through your headphones, while glitched out, skittish electronic textures keep things from becoming cloyingly sweet. - Resonator Magazine 8/21/08 - Resonator Magazine


Brooklyn’s Fearsome Sparrow produce music that submerges listeners in rich electronic textures and bittersweet vocals, and it’s no surprise that they cite Portishead, the Notwist and even Mazzy Star as influences. They will perform on Friday, Aug. 31 at the Cake Shop in Manhattan. Fearsome Sparrow’s most recent record, Shimmer, was almost three years in the making, but it’s now available for download from their website. Get it quick though, because they are shopping it around to labels and it won’t be free for much longer. Fans of even the most glitch-laden and experimental electronic music should be able to appreciate Fearsome Sparrow, songs like “Stay Pale,” off of 2004’s Idiot Savants weaves jittery electronic bursts around a perfectly melodic guitar line that should be intriguing to even the most discriminatory listener. – Bill Dvorak
Published on Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:09:10 - The Deli Magazine


Idiot Savants - first full length album, released 2004
Shimmer - second full length album, released 2007

tracks are streaming at:



Liz Godoy grew up in Mexico. Studies in classical ballet eventually took her to Cuba for two years. After a year in Architecture school back in Mexico she left and moved to San Diego at the age of 19. Brenden Beu was born and raised in San Diego, California. He started playing music in high school with members of The Locust and The Crimson Curse. Early studies in guitar and piano led him to a formal education in electronic music composition at San Diego State University. After their first, self-released record, Idiot Savants, the duo toured the west coast briefly, until the money ran out and Brenden had to return to school. In 2005 Brenden graduated college and the fearsome sparrow relocated to Brooklyn, NY where Brenden started working as a producer/engineer with Alex Newport for projects including Death Cab for Cutie and o'death.

During the years the fearsome sparrow have been working together, they have shared billings with such act as The Black Heart Procession, The Album Leaf, and Suckers. They were featured on the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) website for their 2007 ‘Next’ conference, as the future of music, along with such acts as Bon Iver, Prefuse 73 and Battles.

the fearsome sparrow’s second full-length album, shimmer, has been several years in the making. Though conceived as a single thought from start to finish, the songs were written over a period of five years and recorded over three. Writing folk songs while blending hip-hop beats with slow-core/post-rock instrumentals and vocals moving from harmony to overlapping melodies in counterpoint, the fearsome sparrow have forged new territory with shimmer, moving into the realm of indefinability.