The Feathertops

The Feathertops


THE FACE OF ROCK IS CHANGING!! Domenic Malandro has emerged as one of the most marketable musicians in the area. Domenic has impressed fans, bookers and music insiders with his vocals plus keys,haramonica and sax work. Domenic is the lead singer of THE FEATHERTOPS and THE PARACHUTING APOSTLES.


Domenic Malandro , the lead singer of the band, who has stunned the local area with his vocal abilities plus his sax,keys and haramonica work is back.

We have had a few changes in the band. The band is proud to welcome Lou Graff and Brandon King. Brandon has played with well known musican Chuck Treece and his band Mc Rad. Lou and Brandon were also members, with Domenic, of the Original Paul Green School of Rock All Star Band.

The band will be going under a name change. The new band name is THE PARACHUTING APOSTLES. The band plays originals plus covers ranging from Pink Floyd to The Foo Fighters.

**Please Note** A separate EPK for the P.Apostles will be available soon.

THE FEATHERTOPS are featured
on WMMR'S Local Shot Cd this year in Philadelphia.This is a cd that features the best of the local music scene.

Songs from The Feathertops debut album MEET THE MOOKS have been played on Philadelphia rock stations WMMR & WYSP , college and internet radio stations across the U.S. The Feathertops have also been played on European and Asian stations. I just received a request by two stations in Japan for MEET THE MOOKS cds.

The album was recorded at RDSTUDIOS by Ron DiSilvestro and mastered at STUDIO 4 RECORDING by Phil Nicolo.

What can you say about a band whose members are barely old enough to drink but have been performing live for 5-7 years? A band whose members have played the East and West Coast, Vegas, East Germany and have been featured on a nationally released soundtrack to a movie?
A band who has shared the stage with some of our musical legends?

This band has a very unique background.
It's members started their musical training at a young age. As fate would have it, all 5 band members met at the original Paul Green School of Rock in Philadelphia, which now has more than 40 schools across the country. Each member of The Feathertops /P. Apostles were also members of the 1st School of Rock All Star Band and were featured on the Rock School soundtrack and documentary. Feathertop's lead singer Dom Malandro, was featured on the Rock School soundtrack singing L.A. Woman and Iron Man.He originally started out as the sax player in the all star band before developing into a lead vocalist.

The Feathertops/ P.Apostles have gained expereince performing around the country and playing with musical legends. The guys have played with performers such as Ann Wilson, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Jon Anderson, Napolean Murphy Brock, Ike Willis, Carlos Alomar and many others. This unique training and experience has been priceless.

The cornerstones of the band are hard work and a commitment to give the audience the best possible performance every show.

The band's influences range from Muddy Waters to Pink Flyod to the Foo Fighters and beyond.

Please feel free to contact me at 215-802-2371 or VZANOLLE@YAHOO.COM
Thank you Val Zanolle(manager)

PS. Vist our website , for an in depth view of the band history,songs and much more!!

Tempe Musical Festival-Sundance Flim Festival-Frank Zappa(Zappanale) Fest East Germany,Les Paul Tribute show at the Roseland Ballroom in NY, Leading roles in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Jesus Christ Superstar, 16 city tour of the West Coast plus many more.

Philadelphia venues:
Grape Street-Doc Watsons-Bar Noir-Mooneys-Sweeneys-Figs Cafe-Villanova University-Red,Hot and Blue-Khyber-5th Stone Studios-Rusty Nai,El Bar,Ocean City Music Pier,Johns & Peters, and many more.

The Feathertops were featured on COMCAST ON DEMAND LIVE FROM GRAPE STREET during the month of Nov '07




I told the mate I don't believe in saving face
Even when the tides have run astern
The clouds that once were clear are darkening I fear
I do not think we will return

I jumped my own ship and now I face the wind
And wear the coward's mark
I sailed once with pride but it washed out with the tide
I wish I could return

The waves that crashed the deck broke the watchman's neck
and then I dove into the drink

The mates held out until the last
They were forced to cut the mast
And the ship did not sink

Many years have gone by
I believe its time to die
Could never call the land my home

Pullin on all the line
Shove off one last time
Seek my peace under the foam


Written By: CAMER SIMA

The trim black ships raced across the sea
Tearing the king away from his queen
Sent out to fight his brother's war
Bringing destruction to his front door
They say there's a face that launched these thousand ships
But yours is the one I've been dreaming with.

And when at last I see you again
it'll be as if we never met
Twenty years and it's been far too long
With no sweet voice but the Herald's song
And all these long lonely nights that you've spent alone
He sand yoyr name to me
On the wine dark sea please set me free.

GLorious battle in faraway lands
Virtue taken by the strength of our hands
We fought for glory sent our names to the skies
Tough we won through shadows and lies
Never would have left had I seen what's in store

But who's ever seen the start of their course?



searching my mind fir what I left behind
Tough I don't know what I may find
news comes in of all the women
Who I've never been within

How far will we go how high will we fly, etc..

You are my dearest and we have some spirits
Now there's no reason to feat it
You're gonna shake and the clifftops will quake

What I give i hope you can take

How far will we go how high will we fly, etc..



The work I do makes my clothes black and inside I feel blue to know the truth I rather tyrn my back and jump off the roof

In the ever loving darkness I try to do what's right. The bloing pot has got the best of me. I know... Tarbucket Blues

The sun is hot the days are long and it's a long way to the top .My guts are a knot and these pills I'm on I can barely hold onto my mop

In the end I rather not have life one big fight there is something more he's got in store for me

And I know...Tarbucket Blues


MEET THE MOOKS released 7/16.

The album was recorded /produced by Ron DiSilvestro at RDStudios and mastered at Studio Recording by Phil Nicolo.

Songs from MEET THE MOOKS played on WMMR 93.3 w/ Jaxon.
Played on 1040 Skin Radio,The Grape Room(Grape Street),Doc Watsons and more .

University of the Arts radio and other local colleges.

Highlighted on Comcast on Demand during Nov.('07) in the Philadelphia area.

Band members featured on "Rock School" soundtrack and in the Documentary of the same name.

Currently working on new School of Rock Album.

Set List

Set list depends on the venue.

The band usually perform anywhere from 30-90 minutes. (will extend time to accommodate needs of venue)

The band combines original songs with unique, classic rock covers.

There is absolutely no foul language or foul gestures in a Feathertops or PARACHUTING APOSTLES set. (suitable for all ages)

A note on the original songs:
The Feathertops original songs are very popular.
The band's original music is popular due to the interesting lyrics ,subject matter, catchy tunes and instrumental hooks.
People remember the names and the sounds of the original songs .
Example set:
Topher's(original)-great dance tune w/great beat
Axel Heyst(original)-a song about WW2 gunner
I Put a Spell on You(cover) sax infused blues
Worry(original)-outstanding harmonica work
Jumpin Jack Flash(cover)
Lord Jim(orginal)-a very popular song, powerful lyrics, based on the Joseph Conrad novel of the same name.
Sunshine of Your Love(cover)
Helter Skelter(cover