The Februarys

The Februarys


Remember how your stomach felt when you saw the opening scene to Back the Future? We are that feeling over and over again...Only cuter and more musical.


Starting out as a school jam session, The Februarys have transformed into a non-stop music making / heart breaking machine. Singer songwriter Lucas Lawrence and lead guitarist Matthew Gibson began crafting their works in late high school, while drummer Matthew Bender and bassist Brodie Tavares joined on post-graduation. The quartet has since been recording and touring nonstop across Canada, and have played with artists such as Sparta, City and Colour, Alexisonfire, Misery Signals, Limblifter, and Darkest Hour, among many others. With a video on rotation at Muchmusic and countless plays on local radio, The Februarys have cultivated an ever growing nation-wide fanbase. Since its release in September 2005, The Febs debut album ‘Brighter Side of Things’ has sold nearly 2000 copies at independent shows alone.

Instead of adhering to whatever the current trend of music may be, The Februarys prefer to stay true to what they know. With melodies that stick in your head easier than the time your sibling left their gum on your pillow, and heartfelt lyrics that even the toughest of men can relate to, The Februarys definitely stand out against today’s crowd of generic “scene” music. With influences ranging from classic rock to experimental and modern pop, The Febs are able to put a fresh twist on their music, yet maintain the “close to home” feeling which we all know and love.

Whether it be through having your heart melted by their boyish good looks and charm, or by simply humming one of their supple melodies, the Februarys are sure to be one of Canada’s most exciting and popular bands to be on the watch for.


2006 - All The Time In The World EP
2005 - Brighter Side Of Things Full-Length
2004 - Wait EP

Set List

30-45 minutes

Tour Set #1
1. No Homecoming
2. On The Page (Come On Baby)
3. Rock N Roll's Enemy
4. Meant For Each Other
5. Invisibility as a Disability
6. Birthday
7. Part 1 & Part 2

Tour Set #2
1. All The Time In The World
2+3. Segue (Charismatica & The New Nightmare Sound)
4. Meant For Each Other
5. Invisibility as a Disability
6. Darker Side Of Things
7. Stereo Disease