The Federation Of Horsepower

The Federation Of Horsepower


Fast cars, late nights in smokey back rooms, the smell of stale beer and cigarette smoke, sin, redemption and more sin. Face it kids...this isn’t rocket’s rock-n-roll!


The Federation Of Horsepower has no feelings to hurt. It has no blood to bleed. The Federation Of Horsepower is the entity of reckless abandon the world has been waiting for. You could continue to ride the pop-punk wave of sissy-boy cuties. You could do that. You could also guzzle bourbon and wreck shop with the men of hot-rod rock'n'roll.


Demo 2003

Set List

Killa City
Queen Of Rosedale
Devil Child
Outlaws Of Hollister
Sin Wagon

We do perform *some* cover material. It could be any song you want really. We try to stick to originals when possible. We could play for any amount of time you want really. 30 Mins. 1 Hour. 2 Hours. Any time slot is ok with us.