The Felix Culpa

The Felix Culpa


Breakneck experimental post-hardcore similar to contemporaries Engine Down, At The Drive in and Brand New. "...a rhythmically intense post-hardcore masterpiece that pairs soulful vocals and introspective lyricism with headspinning drumming..." - AP Magazine


Rock music has gotten boring. It has become streamlined and formulaic, eagerly fitting in to the template provided for it. It has become listless as too many bands rest on the laurels of those around them. Rock music was intended to be an audible representation of the chaotic and intangible aspects of being human. It is failure, it is weakness, it is struggle, and it is survival throughout.
Hailing from Rockford, IL The Felix Culpa has evolved to find an intelligent, innovative and honestly original way to convey those aspects. Drawing comparisons all the way across the board from Bjork to At The Drive In, they find their balance somewhere between the intensity of hardcore and the pensiveness of indie art rock. Mixing thoughtfully crafted songs with an explosive urgency, The Culpa's live show is as technically precise as it is frenetic and unpredictable, pushing the boundaries of what is to be expected from a three piece in terms of pure sound.
The Culpa have had an amazing last year (a spot on the 2004 Van's Warped Tour and sharing the stage with such bands as Emery and Engine Down) adding to their already large and faithful Midwest following, and proving that people are ready for something new; something real...


'Commitment' - Nov. 30th 2004 [Common Cloud]