The Feminists

The Feminists


The Feminists like to play loud and they love to play live. They like to create sonic chaos and walk right out to the very edge of what is bearable. At the moment you think the band can’t take it any higher or louder, they seamlessly replace the storm with utter calm.


Based in the verdant jewel of Vancouver, The Feminists are a 21st century rock band. Their distinctive sound is comprised of boy/girl vocal harmonies, fretless bass, the trebly bite of a Rickenbacker, the thick mellowness of piano, organ, and rhodes, a drummer who insists the drums are a melodic instrument, and a few psychedelic synthesizer swooshes thrown in for good measure. Riding the arcing ebbing flowing waves of sheer rock power are the most beautiful, sad, mysterious lyrics; the prettiest melodies you’ve ever heard. This is the band you get when a strong rhythm section meets a great songwriter. Although each member of the rhythm section is an accomplished musician, (Ferdy Belland - bass, Mike Zobac - drums, Allyson Mara - keyboards/vocals) it is when they blend together as a unit to support songwriter Keith Grief (vocals/guitar) that their skills truly become evident. The chemistry that is created when the four of them are playing together is iresistable, their secret weapon that convinces most audiences they are the best band of the night. Certainly they are the band everyone is talking about afterwards, the band everyone wants to hear “one more” from at most of the shows they play. Just because they’re sensitive and have nice melodies doesn’t mean they can’t rock. This band likes to play loud. This band likes to create sonic chaos. They like to walk right out the very edge of what is bearable and at the moment you think they can’t take it any higher or louder, they instantly replace the storm with utter calm.You don’t see that very often these days, a band that is truly exciting to watch, can really play their instruments, and are blessed with good catchy songs. The melodies and lyrics draw you in and anchor the ear. The musicianship and arrangements are what keeps you there. This is a band that can take over your senses and force you to just stop, and listen. For the past few years, The Feminists have toiled diligently in the trenches of indie rock. They have played hundreds of shows with some pretty cool bands (NoMeansNo, The Weakerthans, Tricky Woo, Marianas Trench, You Say Party We Say Die, Immaculate Machine, Junction, Wax Mannequin). They have completed three national tours and three albums. Their songs have charted on radio stations from Victoria to Halifax. They have received considerable national airplay, had their songs placed in movies, appeared on TV, film, and have received enthusiastic reviews of their records and live performances from music writers across Canada. The Feminists recently completed their third full length album. “Can’t Scream Loud Enough” will be released on February 5, 2008. The record has already garnered rave reviews and received national radio airplay.


Hail Hail

Written By: Grief

Hail Hail

Did you get it in black and white?
I want to see it in colour.
Tell me you're all alone tonight.
Tell me there is no other.

Hail hail, rock and roll.
Long live rock and roll.
Hail hail, rock and roll.

Did you call your agent yet?
Well, Christ, at least leave a message.
I'll write it on my epitaph:
"Its twice as bad as expected"

Hail hail, rock and roll.
Long live rock and roll.
Hail hail, rock and roll.

And you will sit down and shut up.
You won't bore us anymore.
(Could you please leave me this? Someone keep it honest.)


2004 - Anything You Can Do
2005 - She Could Be
2008 - Can't Scream Loud Enough

Set List

We can play sets from 20 minutes to 2 Hours. Usually we each take a turn calling a tune to keep our sets fresh for us.

Some songs that we almost always play:
- Hello Toronto
- 21st Century Ghost
- Because Why
- Most Trusted Name
- How To Kill a Country
- Rats
- Some Internal Dialogue
- Brand New Common Sense

Some cover songs we play:
- Pump It Up by Elvis Costello and the Attractions
- Have A Cigar by Pink Floyd
- Hey Bulldog by The Beatles
- Baba O'Riley by The Who