the Femurs

the Femurs


The Femurs are a semi-acoustic duo influenced by the likes of the Ramones, the Minutemen, the Velvet Underground, Sebadoh, the Silver Jews, and lots of other music that some people like.


The Femurs are from New York and currently live in Seattle. Rob Femur and Colin Femur are friends from way back before highschool. Way back before Rob ended up living in his broken down Tempo in Olympia. Way back before Colin was teleported to Seattle to take notes on humanity and report back to Gorto. Really far back.
The Femurs currently appear most frequently in Seattle as two guys switching off playing drums and guitar laced with harmonized vocals.
The second album from The Femurs is called: Jack Cafferty Vs. Chuck Scarborough. (named after their favorite NYC news anchormen) put out on SeattleĀ’s Homespun Records. The album is a six song ep that remains true to their upbeat acoustic punk rock.


the Femurs (2004 Homespun Records)

Jack Cafferty Vs. Chuck Scarborough (2005 Homespun Records)

Set List

Plastic Swords
Peter Wolf
Girl for Everyone
Listen Up