The Femurs

The Femurs

 Seattle, Washington, USA

If Jonathan Richman had been in The Ramones and they were from somewhere warm and sunny, it may have sounded like this! A real stand-up Pop Punk Power Duo!


The Femurs are a two piece band currently calling Seattle, WA "home". Rob hails from NYC proper bringing the throbbing sweetness of The Ramones, and Michael (Honeyrider, Barely Pink, Hotels) hails from Florida bringing sunshiney Power-Pop to the mix. This is The Original Pop Punk Power Duo!


femurs - st 2006
femurs - jack cafferty vs chuck scarborough - 2007
femurs modern mexico - 2008
femurs- ride together ep 2009
femurs - honeymoon 2010

A Collection of Great Dance Songs due Spring 2011!!